Muddbunnies Riding Club AGM – Feb 1st

Bunny Elections at the Annual General Meeting!

As most of you know, the Muddbunnies Club has continued to  grow year after year.  Last year was our fourth year with an elected board of executives.  Your board members for the 2011 year were,  Jennifer Clarke, Jaclyn Delacroix, Aimee Dunn, Dorothy Luebke, Susan Sheldon, Jenny-Lee Silver, and Diana Walker. For the past year these fine folks have all worked together to complete the necessary tasks for the operation of the club.

Candidates wishing to fill a position will make themselves known one week prior to the AGM and all members attending the AGM will vote for a candidate (spontaneous nominations, however, will be taken). If you are elected, you are required to commit to one year on the board of executives; however, you are elected for two years if you wish to remain on the board.

If you feel that you have what it takes, and want to be involved in club decision making, consider running for one of the available positions at the 2012 AGM. A position on the executive requires your commitment for one year (with the options of staying for two years if you wish) and requires you to attend (on average of) one meeting per month. Please nominate yourself or have somebody nominate you by either sending an email to or post in the forum (or spontaneously at the AGM).

Even if you aren’t planning on running for a position, please mark your calendar and consider coming to the AGM, showing your support, and make your vote count! Also, the proposed budget is presented by the Treasurer and voted for and adopted at the AGM.  All that aside, it’s a great time to hang out with your fellow bunnies.  In order to vote you must purchase a 2012 membership.  Memberships are now available online and  be available for purchase at the AGM (so come early to get yours).

AGM details:
Date: Wednesday February 1st, 2012
Location: The Narrows Pub (1970 Spicer Rd, North Vancouver, BC)
Time: 7-7:30 meet and greet
7:30 – 9:00 Meeting 

The following positions are available and will be elected at the Annual General Meeting:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasure
  • Director of Events
  • Director of Corporate Relations
  • Director of Communications
  • Member at Large

The following position(s) are currently filled:

  • Secretary

Muddbunnies Executive Positions’ Description:

The President is the official representative of the Executive and the Club and is responsible for everything that the Muddbunnies does as individuals and as a whole. The president is also responsible for the monthly newsletter.

Vice-President :
The VP Internal acts as a liaison between the Muddbunnies Executive and everybody inside the Muddbunnies club. This is the person a Muddbunnies member can contact if they have any questions/concerns, and the VP will bring the concerns to the Executive. The VP Internal must make sure the Muddbunnies has representation at other ride meetings (such as the NSMBA and city meetings regarding trails). The VP Internal replaces the president when she is absent.

Treasurer :
Treasurer maintains accurate and up-to-date accounting books, preparing the Muddbunnies budget (to the approval of the members at the Annual General Meeting) and disburses funds according to the adopted budget. Membership fees are also collected by the Treasurer.

Director of Communications :
The Director of Communications is responsible for the Muddbunnies Web page and all other pages dealing with Muddbunnies programs. In addition to this the communications director also aids in the promotion of events and public awareness through the web page.

Director of Events :
The Director of Events is responsible for organizing all Muddbunnies events which includes organizing ride leaders, organizing parties, organizing fund-raising events, etc.

Director of Corporate Relations :
The Director of Corporate Relations is responsible for both the gaining of corporate aid for events and for the club, and the maintaining relations with all the corporations that she becomes involved with. (For this term, the Director of Corporate Relations will work under the guidance of Ryan Petersen.)

Secretary :
The Secretary takes minutes and posts notices of all meetings, takes records of functions and events, and is responsible for all general correspondence to and from the Muddbunnies.

Member at Large :
Represents general members, helps out in all areas as needed, and offers input and ideas

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