Muddbunnies Riding Club thanks you for supporting Women who Ride

HUGE thanks go out to everyone that attended the Vancouver premiere of Awesome Land: Women of Dirt!

The evening was a great success and a good time was had by all. Some fantastic swag was given out as door prizes thanks to generous donations from Cycles Lambert, Bones over Metal, Cycle Component Network, Between the Bridges, and Muddbunnies.

Muddbunnies Riding Club is dedicated to supporting women who ride so when the opportunity arose to host this premiere we felt our club was a perfect fit. It was inspiring to see so many local female riders excel in the sport we all love and watching them ride local trails made everyone want to get out there!

Between ticket sales, generous donations from guests, and 50/50 sales, the club has a better starting budget for 2010 than any year in its history! Way to go!

Special thanks go out to the co-filmmakers Mark Brent and Miles Sullivan from Bones over Metal for allowing Muddbunnies the rights to premier the movie and retaining 100% of ticket sales to support club activities. Woot woot!

We would also like to thank Between the Bridges, esp their manager Binnie, their audiovisual guy Sudz and their servers for accommodating the larger than expected crowd. Good job!

Copies of the DVD are still available and can be purchased at or the Muddbunnie online store.


One thought on “Muddbunnies Riding Club thanks you for supporting Women who Ride

  1. it was the first mountain bike film I’ve seen with women in it. I think it’s a great step towards the right direction. i wish it was longer and had a big more dialog though, but i am a drama movie fan 😉

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