MuddBunnies Season Kickoff: 2nd Annual DustBunnies Ride

With our bikes pulled out of hibernation and the layer of dust freshly removed, we were ready for the heavy dose of mud that MuddBunnies members accepted with smiles at the 2nd Annual DustBunnies ride. Wednesday April 25th was going to be a rainy day. It rained all day with no end in sight. Finally someone must have heard our pleas (“I just wanna ride my bike!”), and the rain tapered to just the occasional shower for our ride. After trading rubber boots for riding shoes and umbrellas for rain jackets, over 20 eager members and ride leads showed up to get the season rolling in a grand fashion.

Rain? What rain??!

MuddBunnies did multiple laps on the lower trails on Fromme. Kirkford, Bobsled, Floppy Bunny, Natural High, the Griffins and Roadside Attraction all got treaded on by the bunnies. We all knew it was a true North Shore ride as we navigated the lakes on Bobsled, the slippery roots on Floppy Bunny and the slick mud found EVERYWHERE!!! By the time we were finished, we we truly one with the trail…coated in mud, water logged shoes, dirt in our hair…and ready for beer in our bellies and tasty food in our mouths at our local haunt the Narrows.

gotta love the mud!!!


This marks the start of the 2012 riding season with the MuddBunnies…from dust to mud and from mud to beer. A complete evening! Wednesday nights are the MuddBunnies all level rides. We alternate between Seymour and Fromme. We hope to see you all next Wednesday!!!

Thanks to Kali Protectives for donning the bunny ears and coming out as our special guest!

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