Muddbunnies Top Cycling Blogs Pt.1

Since began years ago, I’ve been watching tons of women’s cycling-specific sites and blogs pop up. I think its fantastic that women are getting so involved and taking the lead on providing the latest news and reviews for all aspects of cycling. 5 years later, when you type in “womens cycling information” there are pages of sites that come up. Well here are a few of our favourites.

1st on our list is Road Cycling Blogs. Though Muddbunnies has been primarily XC and DH focussed, we think that these sites are valuable and should be viewed as many of mountain bikers are also know to throw a leg over a road bike for commuting, fitness or race cross-training. Plus who knows where Muddbunnies will focus in the future.
Many roadie friends of mine have begged me to start a road version of Muddbunnies, with one friend even creating the name, “DustBunnies”. So for you DustBunnies, here’s our top picks for road blogs:

#1 Rocket Girl. For the female, road cyclist. Creator, Jen Fawcette describes the idea behind the blog, “Rocket Girl is meant to be a discussion forum to create conversation about road cycling and the people in it. It is geared towards women who ride because I feel that there are a lot of us out there who have no community to support what we do and what we love.”

Well Jen has delivered all of the above. Have a peruse through her blog and see all the great product reviews, riding tips, and cycling news within the Greater Toronto area.

#2 Next is Girls Gone Riding. I know, great name right?! In addition to a catchy title, this blog offers some great info on taping bars, changing flats, etc. Sheryl’s passion for riding comes across immediately and she’ll keep your interested and keen.

Check out a couple of our favourite XC blogs tomorrow!


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