Muddbunnies Wine & Cheese Maintenance Night!

“Ut-Oh I have a flat!”

Do you carry all the right stuff in your pack to fix a minor bike mechanical?

Do you know how to change a tire?

If the answer is no then we have the solution for you!

Last years Maintenance night was such a success we have decided to do it again this year.  Our first evening will focus on the basic skills that every Bunnie should know to help themselves out of a bind when that inevitable trail-side mechanical occurs, and will be lead by our very own Muddbunnie, Jaclyn.

Special thanks to Dorothy for oganising an awesome location to hold the maintenance clinic, I believe Dorothy will also be arranging a fine selection of wine and cheese for the Bunnies attending to enjoy!

Stuff you’ll Learn:
• Cleaning/lubing chain
• How to straighten handlebars/preload the stem in the event of a crash
• Removing front/rear wheel
• Changing a flat

Stuff you’ll need:
• Your Bike
• Spare Tube
• Mini Pump (we will try and get everyone a feel for what ~30 psi feels like with their mini pump)
• Tire levers
• Mini-Tool
• Bottle of Lube

Other Stuff
• Drinks and nibbles will be on hand to keep you well fueled and hydrated while you learn.
• You may also want to bring a notebook if you like to take notes.

Further information/discussion can be found here


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