Muddbunnies Wine & Cheese Maintenance Night!

It’s dark, it’s raining, and you’ve just had a mechanical, but no worries.  You attended the Muddbunnie Maintenance Night!

The evening will focus on the basic skills that every Bunnie should know to help themselves out of a bind when that inevitable trail-side mechanical occurs.

Thanks to Dorothy once again for being the hostess for the evening,  she has selected another round of yummy wine and cheese to sample.

Didn’t come to the first maintenance night? Doesn’t matter, it is not a requirment to attend this evening.

Stuff you’ll Learn:
• adjusting front and rear derailleurs
• removing and installing new brake pads
• managing your drivetrain
• and if there is enough interest – demo tubeless set-up

Stuff you’ll need:
• Your Bike in a clean and working state
• Mini Pump
• Tire levers
• Multi-Tool

Other Stuff
• Drinks and nibbles will be on hand to keep you well fueled and hydrated while you learn.
• You may also want to bring a notebook if you like to take notes.

Further information/discussion can be found here

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