Muddbunnies Wine & Cheese Maintenance Night

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Picture this… Wednesday night Bunnie ride on Fromme, a group of bunnies ripping down a trail, and oopsies one bunnie has a crash, the Bunnie is uninjured but her bike looks like it’s got a case of the wonkies (the stem is twisted and the handlebars are pointed in a different direction to the wheel)

Fearless leader Bunnies look at each other you can tell that they aren’t 100% sure on the steps to fix the problem.  Crash Bunnie (because it’s more fun than naming names) proceeds to pull out her multitool and say “Oh it’s a good thing I learnt how to fix this last Wednesday at our maintenance course”

Yup… a week after doing the course I am happy to hear that one of my fellow Bunnies benefited from the knowledge that she received and know how to repair her own bike!

Muddbunnies Wine & Cheese Maintenance Night

6 Bunnies decided to give up a night of riding to drink wine and eat cheese and crackers… oh and of course learn some basic bike maintenance skills!  Some of us had plenty of time to stand around enjoying said wine and cheese while we waited for some late Bunnies who got caught up in slow traffic due to a accident on the Lions Gate Bridge  (hmmm accident on the bridge,  who’d have thought!)

We started with the basics, how to clean and lube a chain!  At this point I would like to make note that I have been doing it wrong, and once having it explained it makes so much more sense!

Secondly, we learned how to straighten your handlebars if you crash and they get wonky, yup there is a right way and a wrong way to do up those bolts!

Adjusting your headset and stem post crash.

Our third lesson was on removing your front and rear wheel… and yup you guessed it, there really is an easy way and a hard
way, it was at this point I had to wonder why we always attempt the hard way!
Our last lesson was to change a flat, we discovered that we are all really strong Bunnies because we can both remove and replace a tyre onto our rims without needing our tyre levers (yeah ok so they weren’t DH tires!)
I believe all the girls walked away with some great knowledge from the course, as was evidence only a week later.  I would like to say a big thank you to Drew for taking the time to teach the girls some basic trailside skills and to Different Bikes for allowing us to use their space to drink wine and eat cheese …

Keep your eyes Peeled

Since this course was received so well we are intending on holding another course in the near future that deals with a couple of more difficult trailside repairs


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