My Adventure at the Ride to Conquer Cancer

Recently I was able to participate in an incredible event supported by my employer, Norco Products Ltd. Had I not caught the flu/plague of the century I
would’ve been able to offer my tech services on both days. However, we had a great crew offering free tech support all weekend long, ensuring the participates were able to finish the ride.

BC Ride To Conquer Cancer – June 20, 2011

The British Columbia Ride To Conquer Cancer is the 2nd of 4 tours across Canada raising money in the search for a cure to cancer. For the BC ride, 2879 riders participated riding approximately 220kms from Vancouver BC to Seattle WA. These riders came together to raise an impressive $11.1 million. That averages out to nearly $4000 per person!

I'm in this photo...somewhere.

The ride down to Seattle was the wettest of the tours 3 year history. Riders fought through rain, cold and wind for 2 days in order to complete this epic and inspiring ride. Along the way, Norco was on location as the official Bike Tech for the event. Changing flat tires, replacing tires, fixing brakes, adjusting gears, truing wheels and anything else that came up along the way allowed the whole lot of participants to make it through to the finish line.

A big thank you to all the participants, volunteers, supporters and RTCC personnel for making this happen. You are the means to finding a cure! For more photos check out

Next week is the Alberta edition of The Ride To Conquer Cancer so stay tuned for coverage of that event as well.

Tent City

Norco Tech Support

Mudbunnies Race the Ranch 2011 from Gee Louter on Vimeo.

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