STORY: BRIGIT JENSEN (our Island Bunnie)

The 2007 Island Cup Series started out with an event with a very unique format. The Nanaimo SuperD on March 18th, 2007 was a combined-time two-run race consisting of an 8-16 minute course. The course combined some techy downhill, flowing sections, double track climbs and a 5-person mass start. The start added a dimension that many DH racers had not seen before, competing both against yourself and other racers of different strengths and weaknesses. Because of the format, a wide range of racers, bikes and skills were present, with riders on anything from a single speed DJ bike to full DH bikes.


The most positive thing I experienced from last years Island Cup, which definitely was present this year, was the supportive aspect of the series. All the girls and guys no matter what their skill and ability level (from beginner to National champs), were friendly and willing to help if you have questions. The great volunteers from the Arrowsmith Bike Shop and the Nanaimo Mountain Bike Club put on a first class event. I especially enjoyed the starters, one of which forgot to start our race, which was laughed off with a smile. It really took the edge off for the nervous racers!

Erin Lewis
Team Muddbunnies: Erin Lewis

Next race dates:
April 8th -Victoria XC time trial
April 15th -Nanaimo DH

If you are interested in DH racing, the Nanaimo course is an excellent place to start. If you are interested, more information can be found at:
It would be great to see more women (especially Bunnies) out!



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