New Digs for the Male Mountainbiker in Your Life

Looking for some new threads for your favourite mountain biking boy? Just in time for the holidays, a rider owned and operated clothing line is now on the market.

Chainlink is a company that came to be through the love, blood, sweat, and beers for the sport we care so much about. CLC was initiated by three guys that just wanted to give back to the sport that has given so much to them and those that surround them (the mtb community). We really saw this as an opportunity to create a new brand, taking a direction to help pave a new way for athletes, standing by them through thick and thin. Chainlink Clothing is a brand that is driven to change the market and to create more opportunities for athletes and friends. We truly believe in giving back to the mtb community and feel that with our experiences and goals, which we wish to achieve with Chainlink, we can truly put the rider on the fore-front of opportunity and change.



We are very excited to grow with our team and you the consumer in this new and exciting time. We cannot wait to see what the future holds, so please stay in touch with us right here at and on facebook | twitter for the latest on our team and new products.

Chainlink is simply three dudes with a strong passion for the two wheeled machine. Number one is a well known slayer world-wide and still continues to push the evolution of fmb. If he’s not riding he can be found playing beer pong or ripping on his moto. Number two is a semi-dirty-modern-hippy with a strong passion for both mtb and bmx, but also all mediums of art (raw-web). Mr. number three is a media dabbler and an idealist that helps out with CLC coverage.


A Word From Greg Watts

I have been a professional bike rider for basically my whole adult life, so I pretty much know the in’s and out’s of the bike industry. I have also been on the short end of the stick when it comes to dealing with endorsement deals and companies who may not really know much about the mountain bike scene.

When I was approached by Chainlink to be a partial owner, rider, and advisor to the direction of the company I jumped on the opportunity in a heartbeat. To be able to guide the company in the direction that mountain biking is going was a big plus for me. As a rider I can fully bridge the gap between management and input from the team to better everyone. I think that is what I like the most about being involved with chainlink, because without accurate rider input the product isn’t going be to be that great. I am proud to help build the chainlink family into something that, above all, caters to the rider rather than the rider catering to the company.
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