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We are very excited to announce we are now carrying Velo Gioielli – stunning, unique and must see cycling themed jewelry on our site!

Like the Can’t Stay Plain Jane bracelet below…

Brian Echerer from Portland, OR is the creator and has this to say about his pieces:

A lot of folks ask,”what does Velo Gioielli mean?” “Velo” is bike in French and “Gioielli” is jewelry in Italian. Two great cycling cultures. Velo Gioielli!

Cycling is my passion. I ride cyclocross, road and trail. Race, tour and mountian bike. I love all things bike! This handmade bike jewelry is another extension of that love. I create jewelry for those in mind with a passion for cycling from repurposed, recycled parts.

When I started bending and twisting up my first bike spoke bracelet I had no idea it would lead to all this. I realized the parts of bicycle chain become a great media and multipurposed. I like to use nice Campagnolo, Shimano and other high end or exotic bicycle chains. However, I can do something with most bike chain. Then it was a simple leap to add in break cable and bike inner tubes. Now being added in is a slection of metal work and multi-metal pieces.

I hope my passion for creating unique bikey jewelry is evident in the work here. There is a lot more to come so keep checking back for newer items. I try to add something every few days to keep it fresh.

Please feel free to ask about custom orders. Sizing, colors and materials can always be changed and possibly remade into a piece that is unique and special to you. Most items are made to order and custom requests are always welcome!

We hope to have his entire range up soon, but for now check out the goods on our site under Accessories here:

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