New Selle Italia SLR Monolink – Interbike 2011

For the weight and power junkies out there:

Selle Italia’s new shape of their SLR Monolink seat boasts more advantages in both comfort and performance.  Selle Italia believes that the increased distances that cyclists cover, place far more importance on one of the essential components for achieving optimum performance – the saddle.  The totally new designs (made possible by the new R&D Selle Italia Tech Lab) are revolutionary, reducing any form of friction between the thigh and saddle, preventing drag and improving comfort and performance.  The SLR Monolink boasts that a 4% performance increase can be obtained with this new design.  This data estimated for a cyclist at 90 rpm, averaging a speed of 38 km/h for 60 minutes.


MSRP – $307.99 US

Weight – 155g

Rail – Carbon Monolink

Width – 131mm

Length – 275mm

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