New Urge Helmets – Interbike 2011

Urge Helmets

Have you heard of Urge Helmets?  If you are Vegan, Eco-conscious or just want to do your part to be a little more sustainable you need to read-up on this product line.

Urge’s Veggie models, replace a part of the glass fibre generally used to manufacture full-face helmets by a 100% natural and vegetable fibre: the linen fibre. Linen (Linum usitatissimum) is a plant that produces pretty blue flowers and grows in fields with low water needs, without fertilizer or chemical products. From this plant, oil and fibre can be extracted. This fibre is then weaved using highly technical processes which enables them to manufacture fabrics that, once molded a certain way, have very close characteristics to glass or carbon fabrics.

But unlike these two fabrics, the linen fibre is natural, requires low energy to be produced and its waste is compostable with no danger to the environment. Plus, it is non-allergic and is safe for employees to use. The end result is very eye-catching, very strong and good for the Earth and human kind.

That’s why, even if this fibre is extremely difficult to work with and it costs as much time and money as carbon, Urge believes it’s the right decision for a better future and will do their best to use it even more.

•CE1078/ CPSC Certification
•Linen/fiber construction (Veggie model)
•Stylish and flexible anti-rash visor
•Removable and washable pads
•Grilled vents
•Available in 2 sizes (S/M 54/57, L/XL 58/60)














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