Nimby Fifty 2012

The vibe was buzzing the morning of the Nimby Fifty in Pemberton BC on Saturday! Those who have raced this course before know how grueling it is, and those who haven’t, have heard the rumors! It was a gorgeous sunny day, and shaping up to be a scorcher!

While the racers were checking over their bikes, preparing for the race, Catharine Pendrel stopped by the Muddbunnies Tent for a photo!

Shortly thereafter, the race was underway. Two hours and thirty three minutes later, the first females crosses the finish line!
Brandi Heisterman of Branckendale, BC:

I think most people were surprised (even Brandi herself!) that she came in before Catherine Pendrel!
Catharine Pendrel of Kamloops, BC crossing the finish line:

What Brandi had to say about finishing first:

Catharine’s interview:

This year, the Nimby Race featured a Race within a Race, sponsored by RedBull. The male and female competitors with the fastest Red Bull Downtime won $250. The overall fastest Red Bull Downtime also won a team entry to Red Bull Divide and Conquer on Vancouver’s North Shore.

The Red Bull Downtime started at the top of Overnight Sensation and dropped in under the Red Bull arch to start the clock. Clock stopped at the end of Overnight Sensation.

Race within a Race podium:

Overall women’s podium:

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