NIMBY FIFTY Final Race Preparations Underway – Important Details Inside

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Final race preparations for NIMBY Fifty 2012 are well underway here in the Pemberton valley and anticipation for Saturday is escalating. With the race currently over 90% full, a field of over 50 top Pro/Elite racers, including the reigning Canadian and World Champions making the trek to Pemberton, along with dozens of super stoked riders from around BC and Canada, and several more from various places in the USA and Europe, it’s going to be quite a day. A big thanks goes out to all our sponsors, supporters and volunteers helping to make this happen.

Weather wise, it’s been relatively cool this week and we’ve even had some much needed rain – the course is in great shape. Still, numerous sections of the course are still quite dry and dusty (typical Pemberton) so ride smart.

Tomorrow we will be heading out with a small crew of amazing volunteers to do final marking of the course in its entirety. As in previous years, we will be going somewhat overboard and making all of the turns very obvious for you so all you need to focus on is purely the joy, pain, competition and comradery that goes along with participating in this race. For those unfamiliar, there are arrow signs posted on trees at all spots where trails intersect and/or trail changes are required. There will also be arrows painted on the ground (with bio-degradable Flour) at many of these spots as well. Where the course connects with or crosses gravel roads, there will be orange spray painted arrows on the ground and, in some instances, course Marshalls there as well to show you the way.

A reminder to all racers, as per the information displayed on the race details and registration pages:

*All pre-registered racers much check-in at North Arm Farm on Saturday morning between 8am and 10am sharp. No exceptions for late comers!

*All those doing day-of registration must do so at North Arm Farm between 8am and 9am sharp. Limited spaces are still available. No exceptions for late comers!

*All racers (except those travelling with children) must park 0.5 km past North Arm Farm, and this includes check-in. You cannot pull into the farm this year with your vehicle at all, not even for check-in.

*Awesome, custom NMBY Fifty Jerseys & T-Shirts will be available for sale on Saturday – in the morning beside registration and in the afternoon near the beer garden.

A few key safety and race etiquette items to mention as well:

*This is officially a bike race. However, you may approach it more like a challenging ride and that’s ok, but please respect those who are racing. Likewise, respect those who are just out to challenge themselves and complete the course. If someone catches up to you, allow them to go by whenever it’s safe to do so. This may require that you pull over and stop or slow down, it’s usually worth the brief seconds to allow that peson by so that you can go back to enjoying your ride rather than stressing or riding poorly because someone is buzzing your rear tire. It’s a long race, there’s lots of opportunities to make up time.

*The climbs are tough and the descents are technical. Help each other out, encourage one another and allow faster riders by. We have an incredible mix of riders coming out to this race, which is what makes it so incredibly cool. So when you’re out there tearing it up on Overnight Sensation thinking you’re gonna win Red Bull Downtime and you hear tires rumbling up behind you, don’t be surprised, but do get out of the way when/where it’s safe and let them by and get on with enjoying your ride!

*Ride the course, do not take shortcuts and/or “braid” the trail. There have been reports of riders in the past cutting off switch backs and braiding the trail, particularly on Happy Trail and Big NIMBY where the switchbacks are many and the train of riders can be quite long. This year, we’re taking a hard line on this because not only is it cheating and therefore unfair to your competitors, it also ruins these fragile trails. If you see someone braiding the trail, call them out on it, and if they persist, note their race plate and report it at the finish line. Braiders will be publicly ostracized by Brett Tippie. You have been warned!

See you tomorrow!

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