Norco Announces 2008 Factory Team

Norco is super stoked to have most of our heavy hitters back on board for ’08 and some for ’09 too. Please welcome with me the following talented riders:

Fee waits anxiously in the hotseat at the Vigo, Spain World Cup, to see if anyone will take her place with the fastest time of the day.

Fionn Griffiths: One of the worlds fastest pro women DH and 4X racers, Fee finished up the season in 10th overall (Pro Women’s DH) and is looking at bettering that in 2008. This 2-time World Championship Silver medalist is capable of being on the podium on any given weekend. Based in the UK but training in Colorado and Australia, we are looking forward to seeing her here in Canada for the 2 World Cups this coming year! Follow Fee down a hill and I guarantee you will be grabbing the brake levers long before she even starts thinking about slowing down.

Darcy Turenne: Darcy is another freerider who had a very successful 07 season. This year she signed back on with Norco and settled into a busy schedule of riding and filming as the hostess for the world-televised Ride Guide series.


Although firmly planted with two feet on the Norco Factory Team, she also rides on the Oakley World Team and Dakine. Darcy just returned from a busy fall that included a photo shoot in Hawaii, ride guide filming in Israel, and a training week in Spain. Did you know Darcy actually rode for us a few years ago as a grassroots DH racer? We are excited to welcome her smile back into our family here!

Ryan Leech: A rider who really needs no introduction. Trials superstar, absolute ambassador for our sport, as well as Norco, and title spokesperson for his Trials of Life tour. This year, Ryan did over 150 demos all over the world and recently released his new DVD CRUX. Check this out if you have a chance, the teasers we have been showing are just that, teasers. The real thing is worth watching over and over. He makes it look all too easy! Great to have you aboard again for your 11th year Ryan!

Jay Hoots: Most people are familiar with this dreaded fun loving team rider. Hoot’s strengths don’t stop with his diverse arsenal of riding skills. His never-ending giggling laugh and enthusiasm to inspire the young rippers as a mentor have driven Jay to become one of the premier authorities on Bike Skills Parks in North America. Don’t judge the book by its cover, although Jay’s smile and relaxed manner suggest that he takes life pretty easy, this is one rider who is always on the go!

Ben ecstatically celebrates his Crankworx Slopystyle win.

Ben Boyko: Ben stood at the pinnacle of the freeride world in 2007 with his win at the grand-daddy of all freeriding event, the Whistler Crankworx Slopestyle. This win combined with his major segment in the latest New World Disorder film, plenty of trips and shoots with photographers, his non-stop trail building schedule and finishing 5th overall in the Qashqai series made this Ben’s busiest and most successful season yet. Ben has also been spending plenty of time in the Norco office helping to design a new VPS Five slopestyle-specific bike that he hopes to be on as early as Jan ’08. Watch for sneak-peak news on that bike soon…

Dylan Korba: We know him as the wildcard that can be played at any stage of the game. Although Dylan is fairly fresh on the scene, he is already an extremely diverse rider with incredible skills and potential. His trials background (yes really!… don’t believe me? watch his segment in CRUX!) has given him a unique approach to slopestyle and allowed him to develop fresh, challenging freeride lines. Dylan is equally at home back-flipping his Four-X in the woods, or pulling an Abubuca off a 15′ high vertical wall. Watch out for this guy, it’s only a matter of time till everyone in the freeride world knows his name.

Mislav Mironovic: The Croatian Sensation as we affectionately call him, or was it the Croatian Dalmatian? (sorry, couldn’t pass it up, inside joke) Although you might not know his name, freeriders in Europe sure do!

Mislav meets the Boneyard in Whistler for the first time.

Mislav’s positive and irrepressible enthusiasm for riding, coupled with his amazing abilities on a bike have already earned him a spot as a top freerider in his corner of the world. This fall, Mislav has kept himself busy representing Norco and Red Bull in Europe, taking the top spot in several European freeride competitions and competing in Israel at the Dead Sea Dirt Jump Comp. Now there’s a first!

So as you can see, we are understandably proud of the athletes who will represent Norco in 2008. Watch for their updates on our website and for special feature stories on this E-news, ike the attached stories from Dylan and Mislav on their off-season surgery tune-up. So much for thinking that being a pro athlete was such a glamorous life.


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