Norco’s New Social Media Channels – I like this!

Norco Has been on Facebook for quite a while. The Norco Performance Bikes Facebook page was started back in 2007 and has amassed nearly 14,000 fans to date. That said, we are hitting the reset button. That is right, On March 1, 2012 the delete key is going to be pressed and all our hard work will be flushed down the metaphorical Facebook drain.

Why would we do this? Being a fan of Norco is not enough for us. We don’t want you to like Norco simply because you pressed ‘I Like This’ We want you to be engaged, participate and be the best Norco Fan Possible! We are starting a new page that can be found at We want you to like this new page and participate in discussion, interaction and voice your opinions, questions and comments to us. Facebook is a conversation tool, not a broadcasting tool.

The same can be said for Twitter as well. Norco has changed its twitter handle to If you want to interact with Norco send us a note, ask us a question or let us know what you think about our new bikes.

Here are all the best ways to connect with Norco through Social Media

Follow Us On FacebookFollow Us On TwitterFollow Me On LinkedIn Follow Me On Flickr Follow Me On YouTube Follow Me On The Norco Blog

Over the coming two months we will be giving away some awesome prizes to the wonderful people that love Norco and use the Social Media Tools out there. Details on how to win will be given out soon but here are a few prizes that will given away very soon. Check back regularly on Facebook for details on how you can win these awesome prizes.

2012 Norco Rampage Frame – Value $520

Shimano XT Brake Set – Value $600

Full Shimano XT Drivetrain – Value $1100

For now, make sure you like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

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