North Shore Overlord – August 27, 2011

riders, prepare for glory…

THE NORTH SHORE OVERLORD is a race unlike any other.  For one, the course utilizes some of the most technically demanding trails anywhere.  Mt. Fromme is the birthplace of North Shore free-riding, and boasts steep chutes, rugged natural terrain, and whacky man-made obstacles.  Rider skill rules the day.  Fitness and speed are a given.

Secondly, THE OVERLORD stands in stark contrast to traditional “point A to point B” races in that there is no finish line.  Using flaikTM tracking technology, racers’ progress will be monitored over a period of time (6 hours) and riders are free to choose their own adventure.  We provide the GPS / GSM tags for tracking, and racers will ride their choice of trails, going with familiarity or entering the unknown.  Racers’ location and progress will broadcast in real time via the world wide web.

Finally, THE OVERLORD makes groupthink key to success.  Racers must travel together in teams of 2 or 4 at all times, making pace-setting, teamwork and motivation key to success.  Conventional strategy goes out the window.  With no divisions for age, ability, or gender, THE OVERLORD will determine who rules the North Shore.

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