North Shore Ripper #3: CBC Ripper Observed Downhill Time Trail

SOURCE: NSMBA & Aimee Dunn
DATE: 5/31/7

Test yourself on your favourite CBC lines and see how fast you can rip it up!

This event is a SOLO time trial on one of Mt. Seymour’s most beloved trails with bonus points for riding stunts with style!!


Where: Mt Seymour – CBC Ripper Trial

June 2nd 2007

Capacity: 150 Rider Limit.

Registration starts at 7:45am, Race starts at 9:00am.

Location: Parking Area 1 (P1– the switchback above the entrance to CBC) will host the registration.

Cost: $20.00/person pre-reg – $30.00/person day of reg.



The MUDDBUNNIES Ripper Experience – Aimee Dunn

On April 14th Heather (beer-girl), Lucy (Goldilocks) and Aimee (Shoregirl) took part in the first Ripper event of 2007 – the Seventh Secret. For all three ladies it was their first Ripper experience. In total there were 8 females and 124 male participants at this event; up slightly from last year in female participation. With the female riding movement growing so rapidly right now it will be great to see more ladies out there rippin’!
Just as important (if not more) is the volunteer participation! We were joined by Judy, Nicole, Tina, Ina and our registration guru Veronica who played a big role in making the day run smoothly…thank you!
I asked Heather how she enjoyed this event in addition to adding my own comments.

1. What motivated you to take part in the ripper?
H: Aimee made me do it 😀
A: Heather was amazing and agreed to fill in for a rider on the Friday night prior, she rocks!)
A: A great new challenge to push myself on a trail that I ride quite often and it looked like a really laid back atmosphere. Plus, I am on the organizing committee so I really knew that it would be this way!

2. What was the vibe like? Especially as a female rider?
It was a fun atmosphere. While waiting around for the DH part lots of people
were chatting and joking around. Most people were friendly on the trail but I
think that was more because I had on bunny ears than because I was a female rider.
A: Really chill. People knew each other and it was great to chat and catch up. People were just out for a good rip. Even Wade Simmons and some pro riders were there…just having fun.

3. Why were there so few women you think?
H: There aren’t a lot of women riders in general so even less who are interested
in “racing”
A: I think intimidation and considering that probably 80% of riders are guys the ratio in the race was maybe not far off that in reality. However, there were 8 females compared to 124 males!

4. Did you feel intimidated by the guys?
H: Not per se, maybe a bit intimidated by the fast people coming down the trail
behind me. But I didn’t know if they were girls or guys until they passed me.
A: I was a little concerned prior to but found that if I was willing to let them pass they were thankful and felt no pressure at all…I think a lot of them were stoked to have females out there ripping!

Did the format lead to better riding or worse??
Worse for me, too much pedalling for the big bike 😀
A: Better for the most part but you do get tired and can get sloppy if you don’t focus. Overall it felt great to give ‘er! Plus, a good reality check of where you are at…I love the burn so all good!

6. What do you think needs to be done to get more females involved??
H: I wouldn’t have done the Ripper without having been asked to fill in on a
team. I had a pretty good time so thinking back about why I would not have done it otherwise, I think it’s the freeride mentality. Weekend riding is all about hanging out with friends and doing a big ride. Stopping to session stunts. Doing another lap. The Ripper was a fun competition for sure but I don’t think I really got anything extra out of it for my 60 bucks. Well, the after-party and the draw prizes of course!
A: I think it will take time and of course it isn’t for everyone. But if you are not doing it because of fear then this could be a great goal for you to work towards and will give you that extra motivation to push yourself. If you interested in racing in more serious events this is a perfect introduction to pushing your spped. Supporting the NSMBA and seeing familiar and new faces is also a great reason. When you ride in your groups there may be hundreds of other riders on the trails but you don’t necessarily get to meet them and chat…so the after party was also a great chance to do this!

7. What was the apres like?
H: Great fun, great food, great beer!
A: An absolute hoot! The place was packed and we got to enjoy great photos, a video put together from that day and of course super food and beer. A great, great vibe for participants and vollies alike.

8. How would you sum up your Ripper day?
H: All in all it was a great time.
A: Awesome. I started the day taking volunteers up to their spots and then switched to participant for the ride down. I got to see many familiar faces and it felt great to bring the riding community together; so many fabulous people involved. Regardless of your ability or experience it is REALLY about just being out there supporting the sport and community.

9. Would you do it again?
H: Sure!
A: I am doing the whole series!! You betcha…it can only help me improve!



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