North Shore Ripper Presents – The North Shore RIPPER QUEEN!

Muddbunnies Race Team member Michelle takes home some great memories and the title of RIPPER QUEEN from another successful weekend of racing!

Chainless Downhill, Friday June 8, 2012

For this race, we had to ride the Richard Juryn trail chainless. It started from the top of the singletrack near the look-out to the end of the downhill singletrack section. I was a little nervous about this event because I had never ridden chainless before but I also knew that there were going to be moments of silliness/awkwardness, so what the hell! As the riders were collecting at the start of the trailhead, Jason was on hand from Loudenterprise to help take everyone’s chain off. Once our chains were off, we were able to practice a bit of the trail chainless so that we got used to the feeling. I know that section of trail really well but it sure was different without a chain!

The actual race started at 7pm but there was a bit of a wait until we (the ladies) started racing. Riders were spaced out in 1-minute intervals, the ladies went last and there was absolutely no pressure that the rider behind you was going to pass you.

This race was a lot fun! Kind of hilarious along the way when you had to “scoot” your bike along – a silly feeling really, but when the downhill grade re-appeared you had to work your bike hard to pump it through the trail. The final section of the race was an uphill finish on a gravel road so we had to jump off our bikes and run to the finish line. I messed up my dismount and almost ended up in the ditch, but was able to save it – phwew!

It was a fun way to start the weekend!

Euro-Enduro, Saturday, June 9, 2012

The enduro was super fun and laid back – basically just a ride up with some buddies, rip down a DH course, then repeat two more times. Super fun and everyone was really friendly on the trail. We were divided into two groups, which determined the order of the trails that we were to ride. My group had the following order:

DH1: Corkscrew, Pingu, Pangor
DH2: Severed, New connector trail to C-buster (super loamy and fun!), C-buster, Applicator
DH3: Bottletop

I was able to grab a carpool to Mushroom Parking lot with another Muddbunnie rider Dorothy (yes, you could shuttle!) – and thank you for the lift fellow Muddbunnie Mya! Then we made our way to the first start gate at the top of Corkscrew.

I know the Seymour trails inside and out since they are out my backdoor, but I had never ridden from the top of Corkscrew to the bottom of Pangor at a race pace without stopping! It sure went by fast! At the bottom of the course, I took a bit of a break and then started a leisurely climb back up to the top of Severed.

I met some other riders on the way up and we basically finished the rest of the event together, chatting along the connector trails and then racing our respective DH runs. It was a great day.

Super D, Saturday, June 10, 2012

The Super D started in a cold fog and the trails were MUCKY!!!! The course was TNT, Cabin Trail, Upper Dales, Severed, Upper Sticks and Stones, then out through Blair Range. I was so pumped that Katherine Short showed up (she races on the national DH circuit). She is one of my fav riders and super nice! The race was a SUPER LONG DH run and boy does it give you a good workout! It was hard to keep it together during the bottom part of the course – you are pretty much pinning it in the anaerobic zone the whole time – what a challenge! Katherine beat me by 4 min but I can handle that when my race time was 29 min!!!!!!. (By the way, if you haven’t ridden TNT before, or if you haven’t ridden it in a long time, I recommend that you check it out. There has been a fair amount of work done on it recently and its not as rough as it used to be).

Another highlight of this race was meeting a fellow female rider named Stephanie. She is just getting back into riding after taking an 8 year hiatus. She had recently bought a new bike (about a month ago) and realized how much she loved and missed riding. So she entered the Ripper Super D race! What a way to re-enter the sport of mountain biking! Stephanie: I hope to see you out on some Muddbunnie rides!

There was also a beautiful but mysterious Muddbunnie racing, named Svenetta. You will have to ask Dorothy for the full details on this new Muddbunnie!


The Ripper was a super, super fun event!!! Yes, the trails were muddy – lots of wet, gnarly roots, typical of the North Shore, but spirits along the trails were really high. The racecourse routes were extremely well marked (the best marked race that I have ridden in this year), and the volunteers were AWESOME! Every volunteer was super friendly and laid back, but professional too when it came to starts, timing, results, etc. Lee Lau did an amazing job covering the events with photos and write-ups on Pinkbike. It was too bad that there weren’t that many women out but it was such a fun, positive weekend and I met some great biking folks!

I highly encourage female riders to come out and give the North Shore Ripper a try next year. For the most part, these are trails that we ride on Muddbunnie rides and it is quite fun to “race” them. As an added incentive, I could not believe the mounds and mounds of prizes that James and his team at Obsession and all the sponsors were able to pull together.

After it was all over, my kids wanted to stay at the MEC bikefest and play around at the BMX track, so we hung out for a couple more hours in the sunshine (which finally made an appearance). I was exhausted at the end of weekend, but in a good way! Thanks to Obsession and MEC for hosting such a fun event! Our Muddbunnies Race Team sponsors for all of the amazing support – Red Racer Beer, Reflect Sports, Dirty Girl Designs, Caps New West, Different Bikes and Velocity Cycles! Oh and I cannot forget to thank my husband, Murray, who was on Daddy-duty while mom was getting muddy!!!!!

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  1. It was so awesome to meet you Michelle! You are such a fabulous rider & person 🙂 Hope to see you on the trails for sure!

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