NSMBA Film Festival

The second annual NSMBA Film Fest took place at the Narrows Pub on Thursday June 7th. All films were mountain bike related theme but of any style.

the Movie Line-up

When I saw the film line up, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were two films featuring Muddbunnies!

Lisa & Gee

Lisa Howey-Louter and her Mudd-Hubby Gee Louter were in attendance and had decided last minute to submit the “Muddbunnies Race the Ranch” film.

Also in attendance were Muddbunnies Siobhan Fox & Mic Dignon with Mic’s mudd-hubby John.

Siobhan, Mic, & John

The loft of the Narrows Pub was full, and the MC was announcing movies without delay!

Crowd of Mtn Bikers!

Tara - the M.C.

Each of the movies were judges by esteemed NSMBA members:

The Judges!

The Pro Winner was SheGNARnigans, runner up was Jack and Casey with “We don’t need no education”.

The Amateur Winner was Danielle Baker with her video Karla and runner ups the Dig Dogs with Fade to Black and North Shore Bike Shop with Shore Recut.

Congratulations to all the participants!

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