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Have you ever been on a ride and encountered a section of trail that you and your riding buddies thought could use a little work, or perhaps a fresh approach?  I bet the words “THEY should think about working on this” have been used at some point during these trail side chats.   Well, when you choose to really think about whom “THEY” are it can make you think about where you as a Shore rider fit into this equation.

As most Shore riders know the trails of the North Shore are maintained mostly by the good work of the NSMBA and its volunteers. We all also should know that this group is a dedicated group of volunteers who work extra hours into their lives of full time jobs, kids, and general life interests and duties to make things happen on our trails.  Ok, enough said.


The NSMBA and its crew have relied on a lot of volunteer hours and work to get things done but the reality is funding is crucial and key.  Funding comes in many forms from a variety of sources but none is guaranteed; instead they are diligently canvassed year after year by those who thankfully take the time.

Although our email base (Supporting Member) is healthy enough Active Membership is a great way to support future projects and increase the NSMBA’s leverage within the community.


For $50.00/year you can become a member and here is what’s in it for you.

Please Note: Memberships expire a year from date of purchase.

  • Perks and Discounts – to a selection of services and products
  • Insurance for all NSMBA races and events.
  • Discounts to all NSMBA social events
  • Free entry to select NSMBA events
  • Priority shopping at our upcoming Gear Swap (April 13th is for members!)
  • NSMBA sticker  and membership card to proudly display (coming soon)
  • The good feeling of knowing you are part of a membership that is making things happen on the trails you ride for no cost.


Think of how much you spend on your bike parts, gear and lift tickets and perhaps think twice about tapping into your riding budget to support the crew that keeps things going….


A fabulous way to be involved cash free is volunteering.

The NSMBA has several events that require volunteer manpower.  This includes the upcoming Gear Swap (April 11-14th), the Toonie Race series (First Aid attendants are required: Level 2 and up), plus trail days that will all be coming your way this spring and summer.  For more info check out www.nsmba.ca for updates or email Aimee at aimee@nsmba.ca for more information.


Membership does have its privileges.  Visit www.nsmba.ca and click on JOIN to become a member now.


Aimee Dunn

NSMBA Director of Membership and Volunteers


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