NSMB’s TAP Trail Day #4 – Nov. 6

from: Cam McRae

Dale’s is getting buffed just enough to be able to sustain some traffic – and we think it’s more fun than it’s been in many moons as well. We are getting pretty close to finished and it’s getting more satisfying each time.


Digger and Jerry Willows will be there for expert instruction but we encourage creativity as well. Yes there is some work to do but it’s pretty much a laugh for the whole day as well.


When: Nov. 6th 8:30 am
Where: Different Bikes North Vancouver in Parkgate Mall.
What to bring: Some water would be a good idea but we’ll make sure there’s some there as well. If you’d like to bring tools you may but we’ll have access to some as well.
Lunch: Provided by nsmb.com
Experience necessary: none. If you are new to trail work we’ll have lots of experienced builders there keen to show you the ropes.
Time commitment: That is up to you. If you’d like to ride down to meet us and work for a few hours part way through the day we’d be stoked to see you. If you can stay for the whole trail day great. We wrapped up before 3:00 last time.

We’re hoping to get everyone outfitted with some swag just to say thanks as well.

Hope you can come and join us!

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