PIMP YOUR LID: Kelsie’s New Helmet

By: Kelsie Lengert

After getting a New bike for the 2011 season I started to take inventory of my gear and what i need to upgrade this year. For the past 2 years I’ve had a brown and cream specialized flame helmet. I’m not a fan of flames but getting into the sport I bought it because it was a good deal, light weight and had lots of ventilation for those hot summer rides.

I started looking online through 2011 designs from every company I could think of. The results? Not overly impressed, I’m pretty sure companies think the market for feminine designs are pretty low. I wanted something colourful, fun and girly! So I took matters into my own hands! After a couple days of doodling, (all freehand) this is what i’ve come up with:

The Before Photo

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