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Deconstructing Naz – A tour and some insight from Marzocchi Canada’s front man!

Marzocchi Canada set up shop in North Vancouver over two and a half years ago and has been dialing in local rider’s suspension ever since. got a chance to see just what goes on behind the graffiti and figure out who’s driving the Marzocchi bus.


Marzocchi Canada’s space is as cool as you would expect from the rock star influenced company. Nestled in a small industrial park just down the street from North Van’s classic core bike shops, the building is covered inside and out with graffiti skulls and flames. Inside you’ll find a full assortment of Marzocchi’s soft goods; including shirts, shorts and their platform pedal shoes.


This is the place where you can take your 888s and ROCOs for regular service and supercharged tuning. Posters of their famous models (forks and women!) hang from the rafters and world famous locals like Wade Simmons and Thomas Vanderham are always dropping by just to hang out. Phones are ringing and dismantled forks cover every square inch of counter top. Of course every cool organization needs its front man and the guy in the middle of this whirlwind is the infamous Naz!


Everybody in the North Van bike community knows Naz, and if they don’t, they’ve at least heard of him. His name comes up on trail rides, on race courses and during bike shop sales pitches. Everybody wants to go see Nazzy. And why not, Naz and his crew do good work! He epitomizes the laid back west coast attitude but he gets serious when it comes time to take care of business.

So, enough profiles of the same old freeride megastars, meet Naz!

(Loosely based on an interview with Marzocchi Canada’s Naz Evangelista with help and additional thoughts from drop-ins and loiterers.) – Who is Naz?

Naz – Marzocchi Canada Tech. Department Supervisor – Naz, who are you?

Naz (and friends) – I’m just a messy haired, fun loving guy… He’s a hard working friend of the little guy. – What do you do for Marzocchi?

Naz – I am the head of service for Marzocchi Canada. I oversee the day to day operations here. I also handle some of the local marketing initiatives and customer service duties. – What other jobs have you held in the industry?

Naz – I’ve been in the business for quite a while. I’ve worked as a tech for a few shops in the region including WestPoint and more recently the Cove. I’ve also worked some Norba’s and World Cup events with local teams. – How does your work here compare to those jobs?

Naz – There are a lot of similarities but I get to travel a lot more with Marzocchi which is great.

marzocchi-rider.jpg – Where are you from?

Naz – I’m from Vancouver. I’m a real local… with a strong Italian heritage. – You’re a pretty vocal promoter of Italian greatness. What makes Italians so great?

Naz – The wine, culture and home made pasta! – What’s your riding background and what is a typical ride for you?

Naz – Growing up I rode everything. It started off just riding about town on old beaters and that lead to BMX riding. As new stuff came along I eventually got into mountain biking. I still do the odd road ride and still like commuting by bike. My typical ride these days would be an after work shuttle or a Whistler weekend. I’ve been riding in the interior more as of late and have been doing some awesome road trips with good friends.

marzocchi-rider2.jpg – What sucks about the mountain bike world right now and what about it do you like?

Naz – Nothing sucks! As for the good stuff, lots, but I’m really impressed that more women are getting into the sport. There are some great organizations like the Muddbunnies, the Endless Biking Chickas and the Dirt Series that are getting women involved and you can see the impact they’re having on the trails and in the bike parks. – If you could trade places with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Naz – The famous Latin singer Gilberto Dillan! – Who would win in a fight between Gilberto Dillan and yourself?

Naz – That’s a tough question. I would have to say me. Gilberto’s got some moves but my mat presence is stronger, you know… my ground and pound! – (Naz has a bit of a reputation as a grumpy guy when working within the disorganized chaos of a bike shop so I asked him what kind of stuff gets under his skin.)

Naz – I’m actually pretty happy, I’m not the guy I was a few years ago. – (Surprised by this response I put it to the test)
I’ve had your old 3rd Eye Blind CD for the past 3 years, how does that make you feel?

Naz – Awesome, it makes me happy to know you enjoy it (writer’s note: Holy shit, he is definitely not the guy he was 3 years ago or I would have been in the un-escapable headlock faster than you can say temper tantrum!) – Marzocchi has been a big supporter of the DH team this past season. What has that relationship been like?

Naz – Pinkbike has been a great partner, really professional attitude and great friendly riders. The feedback and response from the Pinkbike community has been awesome. – OK, Once and for all, how do you pronounce Marzocchi?

Naz – Mar – zo – key!

muddbunnies-mini-small-logo.JPGMUDDBUNNIES NOTE: MARZOCCHI CANADA is a proud sponsor of Team Muddbunnies and the Muddbunnies Riding Club.



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