If you ever thought about racing 4x, Now’s you chance to come out and try this great sport for free.

On Monday June 18th, 7:00pm Kona Bikes, Fox Racing Inc, and the Pipeline Bike Club will have its 2nd outdoor 4x race of the year. But Monday night will be all about the Open Class, Amateurs, Beginners, First Timers, and Groms.

For one night only, you can come out to Pipeline, and if you sign up for a year membership of $35 dollars, you get a sweet T-shirt, you’ll be covered for the rest of the season, and you get to race for free!

We’ll waive the race fees for this one night only to help new riders come out to the track to try 4x.

RENEWING PIPELINE MEMBERS! Renew your membership for only $30 dollars and you also get to race for free!

BRING A BUDDY! If you are an existing Pipeline Club Member,or UCI License holder, and bring a new rider who buys a 2007 membership, you both get to race for free!

CYCLING BC MEMBERS! If you are an existing 2007 UCI MTB License, your Pipeline Club Membership is only $2 bucks! Regular $5 Racing Fees still apply.

Now here’s the kicker. There will be a FREE clinic for all new members (and existing members) from 6:00pm to 6:30pm (during registration & practice) as well as for a half hour after the race for any new members interested in learning the bike skills involved in 4x.

Team BC Coach and Pipeline VP Adam Muys will be racing and holding the clinic, assisted by his trusty sidekick Matt (from Kona) Stevens, President of Pipeline Bike Club. They’ll be there to answer any questions you have from “What do I do in the gate?” to “How do I pass in the corner?” to “How do I properly mix a Rhonda Bomb?” Any questions. Don’t hesitate to ask.

There’s FIVE more outdoor races so now’s the time to get your 2007 Pipeline Club Membership!

Membership Rates:
New Membership $35
Renewing 2007 Membership $30
Associate Membership $10 (Must belong to another UCI affiliated club)
UCI Licence Holders $2

100% of proceeds go back to the park. 100% Volunteer. 100% Awesome.

So there you have it. Race for free. Get a new shirt. Ride your face off. And learn the answers to all of life’s questions involving 4x racing.

Monday June 18th.

Do it.

We’ll see you there!



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