Pipeline Indoor 4x #5 – Wednesday February 13th 2008

The 2nd Annual St Valentine’s Day Massacre comes to Abby Indoor!

February 13th @ 8:00pm, Abbotsford Indoor is the palace to be as Wednesday night gets Rocked with the 2nd Annual St Valentines Day Massacre!


What? Your “Significant-Other” won’t let you go racin’ the night before Valentines Day?! Well just tell em to cool their heels, cause if you make top 3 this wednesday, you’ll be going home with some sweet Valentines Prizes! No more sleepin on the lawn for giving up the “Q-T” for a night on your bike having a blast with the rest of the Pipeline Crew.

And for you guys in the U15 (Under 15 class), You get a special prize! The winner of that race gets a date with our own Luscious-Larissa Hoath! Take your cootie shots boys.

If You AND Your “partner-in-crime” both show up to race, then we’ll have special prizes for both of you from Fox Racing Inc! Make-out contests may break out in the stands at anytime.

photo: Dan Barham

Most of you already know this stuff, but here’s the race notes anyway (PLEASE READ):

1) 2008 LICENCES APPLY!!! If you haven’t gotten your CCA/UCI/CYCLING BC licence, or annual Pipeline Club Membership, this would be the place to snag a new one.

Pipeline Membership – $35 for new members, $30 for existing members
Pipeline Membership (Assoc Membership – if you’re part of another club) – $10 (per year)
Pipeline Membership if you have a full UCI Licence – $2 (per year)

2) Rider Meeting is 8pm and the gate drops at 8:10, so if you’re coming from downtown Vancouver, You should be able to get there before 7pm, giving you a ton of practice time before racing.

3) RANDOM GATE: The new UCI random gate has a similar call to the one in the last race, but the actually gate drop is randomized to prevent early starts & slingshots. If you think BMX racers have an advantage, think again. If you’re used to the old gate start, PLEASE PRACTICE THE NEW GATE a few times before the race.

4)Elimination Rounds: The elimination tournament rounds will be listed on the wall by the finishline after the break. These will be updated with each round of eliminations. If you think you’ve been eliminated, please check the board to confirm.

5)BMX Safety rules apply. Full Face Helmets, Covered Arms (Jersey or pads), Covered Legs (Pants or pads) and gloves are required. If you don’t have a full face, let us know. We may be able to help.

6) Races are held at Abbotsford Indoor BMX. Directions can be found here!

7) Race will be set up as a 3 moto mixed qualifier followed by elimination rounds, mains, and consolation rounds. This means you’re guaranteed at least 3 races per entry.

8) There are 4 official classes: Pro, Open, Women, and Juniors. This may change depending on how many entries we have. If you’re under 12, new to the sport, or whatever, Don’t Worry! We’ll have a competitive, yet fun class for you. Series Points will be based on your class, not who you end up racing.

9) PLEASE BRING A NUMBER PLATE. We’ll have extras, but if you can bring your own, that would be great. Thanks!

10) Riders who sign up for a Pipeline Membership can only practice at the Abbotsford Indoor on the Wednesdays we have the track reserved. If you want to ride more at this awesome venue, please support your local track and buy a full membership. Special rates apply for 07 AND 08 memberships.

11) Be Safe out there! Block passes and lane changes get really tight when the racing goes in-door. If you’re racing Pro, the racing will be tight, but no one out there is racing to take anyone down. Don’t take it personal if you get run high or blocked, you just got caught in a bad spot. Shake hands across the line, and please speak to the organizer if you feel your claim deserves a protest.

12) 4x Bike Requirements: Bike MUST conform to TWO of the following: 26” Wheels, Front Suspension, or Shifting Gears. 4x is a sport ridden on mountain bikes. Try and keep your bike looking and riding like one.

13) Points Breakdown is as follows:
1st Place – 6 pts
2nd Place – 4 pts
3rd Place – 3 pts
4th Place – 2 pts
5th Place – 2 pts
>6th Place – 1 pt

Everyone who shows up to the race gets at least 1 point, so even if you’re not a contender for the title, it’s still worth hitting all the races to gather points towards the final. We also award the same points for 4th and 5th to award the rider who worked their butt off to win the consolation round. If you don’t make the main, it’s still worth the effort.

Race Fees:
Pro – $15 per race ($5 goes back into the pro purse)
Open Women – $12 per race
Open Men – $12 per race
Junior – $12 per race

Any Questions? Hit us up at info@pipelinebikepark.com.


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