Pocket Energy for the Food-Sensitive Cyclist

By Sarah Bonner


Granola bars are often the first choice for cyclists because they contain a lot of energy in a small package. However, the majority of granola bars contain one or more of the big allergens. It can be discouraging after reading countless labels to even imagine finding a bar that you can eat much less enjoy. Many people opt for bananas, but even the food-sensitive deserve some variety. Perseverance, research, and many hours of eating in the saddle later I’ve picked three great bars to get you started whether you have an allergy or a sensitivity to soy, wheat, or dairy or just a preference to avoid them.  Please remember to always check the ingredients first before you buy. 

food for cyclists with food sensitivites

This Canadian company makes delicious soy-based granola bars that pack the most protein for the least calories. All of their bars are celiac and vegan friendly since they contain no gluten, casein, or dairy. Plus each bar is packed with 16g protein from non-GMO soy protein isolate. They have the look and feel of crunchy rice-cereal squares and they taste great too. They are my favourite for everyday training since they are low in sugar but filling. I especially love the Lemon Coconut flavour.

Taste of Nature: Another Canadian company that makes delicious bars that are wheat and dairy free with only trace amounts of soy (except the Go Ontario bar that contains oats). They are naturally sweetened with agave nectar and brown rice syrup, so they are packed with energy. While not rich in protein, they are fully organic with 12 different flavours, including Mediterranean Pistachio Passion. You won’t get bored.

food for cyclists with food sensitivities

Hammer: Hammer Ultimate Energy Bars are gluten, vegan, and soy free. Their chocolate chip varieties contain non-dairy organic dark chocolate that is Kosher-dairy-certified, so go ahead and try the Cashew Coconut Chocolate Chip. The bars contain small to moderate amounts of protein (4-10g) and they are sweetened with dates and agave nectar so they will keep you going strong.

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