The points race gets all stirred up as 661 Protection, Royal Racing & Sunline Components kick off back-to-back Wednesday races.

January 23rd 2008, The house was packed Wednesday night as 46 riders showed up to stretch their legs, “jaw” up the competition, rock out to some sweet swingin sounds, and…oh yeah, race some 4x!

HUGE Shout Outs to New Sponsor 661 Protection who made this night possible with a sweet selection of the 661, Royal Racing and Sunline components as prizes for the top riders. Even Bigger Shout Outs go out to long time Pipeline sponsors KONA Bikes, Experience Cycling, Fox Racing Inc.

New Faces like Aussie Pro rider Shannon Rademaker, last years Pro Womens champ and Brodie/Loeka rider Amber Zirnhelt, and Bicycle Rockers Brad McKay and Jesse Roberts…Jesse Roberts?! Woot! All showed up to rally support for the Pipeline Series.

Old faces were there to solidify their hunt the respective series like Curtis Jensen, Wylie Easton, and Brian “The Darkness” Onofrichuk. If you made it out to the race last night, you’d know how fierce the competition has gotten, but also the mutual respect as handshakes and high fives were exchanged across the finish line.

In the U15 class, Jessica Weed yet again destroyed the 5 boys in her class. She took home some 661 Prizes, as the rest of her class stayed home from school to nurse their wounds contemplate their racing career after being beat so badly by a girl.

In Pro Women, Newcomer Jenn Carr battled with Brodie/Loeka rider Amber Zirnhelt for the 3rd &; 4th spots while Rocky Mountain/Oakley Pro Micayla Gatto and Team BC Rosemary Adams fought for the 1st and 2nd spots. Gatto would take the win and a 2 point lead on the series, followed by Adams, Zirnhelt and Carr.

In the Junior Mens class, Wylie Easton closed the gap on Dorey Martin, but couldn’t quite get past him. Easton took 2nd place, Some 661 Protection, and Dorey Martin took home a sweet Race Kit from 661 Racing!! Daryl Ostendorf was quick behind them for the 3rd spot followed by Cameron Miller in 4th.

In the Open Men’s Class, The story of the night was longtime Pipeline Local Ken “Raoul” Faubert. An awesome dirt jumper to watch and great guy to ride with. His experience playing years of lacrosse was preparation enough to go into the turns with monsters like Blake Manning, Curtis Jensen, and Chris Buckrell. In one moto, Ken JUMPED his way from 4th to first, and into the Main Event. But 661 Rep, and Pipeline Sponsor, Chris Buckerell wasn’t going to let him take the full spot light as he cleanly took home the Open Main followed by Faubert, Mike August and Curtis Jensen in 4th. Check the Points Race to see how much this race messed things up!

The Pro Mens class was rocked when Aussie veteran pro Shannon Rademaker showed up to do battle with the best Canadians in 4x. He’d end up 3rd. After a rough time in 4x #2, Norco/Fox rider Tyler Gorz came back with a vengeance to solidify the 2nd spot behind Nick Goertzen. Nick was amazing as usual ripping the rhythm section and looking super aggressive over the whole race track. 4x Newcomer Cam Murphy worked his way up through 11 solid pros to make the main and eventually take 4th.

The Experience Cycling Pro Purse is now up to $415.00 bucks! And after the final race, that pro purse will be paid all the way to 5th place, so if you’re racing mid pack, it’s time to put the hammer down and you might just get paid for your effort.

Here’s how it looked after the dust settled:

1st Jessica Weed 6pts

2nd Hunter Welykholowa 4pts
3rd Alex Tougas 3pts
4th Darien Landers 2pts
5th Kevin Weed 2pts
6th Colby Baxter 1pt

Pro Women
1st Micayala Gatto 6pts
2nd Rosemary Adams 4pts
3rd Amber Zirnhelt 3pts
4th Jenn Carr 2pts
5th Jessica Weed 2pts (U15)

Junior Men
1st Dorey Martin 6pts
2nd Wylie Easton 4pts
3rd Daryl Ostendorf 3pts
4th Cameron Miller 2pts
5th Damien Douglas 2pts
6th Nathan Kuyek 1pt
7th Tyler Jackson 1pt

Open Men
1st Chris Buckrell 6pts
2nd Ken Faubert 4pts
3rd Mike August 3pts
4th Curtis Jensen 2pts
5th Brad Mckay 2pts
6th Steven Edgar 1pt
7th Martin Newman 1pt
8th Blake Manning 1pt
9th Dave McNaught 1pt
10th Jev Bjorsell 1pt
11th Bruce Thompson 1pt
12th Richard Jarman 1pt
13th Joseph Reeves 1pt
14th Steve Baxter 1pt
15th Jim Korbelik 1pt
16th Mitchell Elliott 1pt
17th Jesse Roberts 1pt
18th Chris Fletcher 1pt

Pro Men
1st Nick Goertzen 6pts
2nd Tyler Gorz 4pts
3rd Shannon Rademaker 3pts
4th Cam Murphy 2pts
5th Brian Onofrichuk 2pts
6th Todd Castonguay 1pt
7th John Starcevic 1pt
8th Adam Muys 1pt
9th Matt Stevens 1pt
10th Trevor Porter 1pt

The Pipeline Points Chase after 2 Races:

1st Kevin Weed 7pts
2nd Anthony Messere 6pts
3rd Colby Baxter 5pts
4th Hunter Welykholowa 4pts
5th Tyler Jackson 3pts
5th Alex Tougas 3pts
5th Darien Landers 3pts
8th Samuel Kuyek 1pt
8th Austin O’D-T 1pt
8th Nathan O’D-T 1pt

Junior Men
1st Wylie Easton 14tpts
2nd Dorey Martin 13pts
3rd Daryl Ostendorf 9pts
4th Cameron Miller 7pts
5th Nathan Kuyek 6pts
6th Michael Rose 5pts
7th Brad Reiter 3pts
8th Damien Douglas 2pts
9th Nick Hossmann 1pt
9th Tanner Saliken 1pt
9th Tyler Jackson 1pt

Open Men
1st Chris Buckrell 12pts
2nd Curtis Jensen 11pts
3rd Jev Bjorsell 8pts
4th Steve Edgar 7pts
5th Ken Faubert 4pts
5th Blake Manning 4pts
5th Mike August 4pts
8th Jordan Masse 3pts
8th Dave McNaught 3pts
8th Martin Newman 3pts
8th Richard Jarman 3pts
8th Steve Baxter 3pts
8th Bruce Thompson 3pts
14th Derek Timmerman 2pts
14th Tim Gadd 2pts
14th Brad Mckay 2pts
17th Joseph Reeves 1pt
17th David Ford 1pt
17th Trevor Ostendorf 1pt
17th Patrick Obenauer 1pt
17th Tom Mackesy 1pt
17th Adam Trotter 1pt
17th Jim Korbelik 1pt
17th Mitchell Elliott 1pt
17th Jesse Roberts 1pt
17th Chris Fletcher 1pt

Pro Men
1st Nick Goertzen 18pts
2nd Tyler Gorz 11pts
3rd Adam “Bad News” Muys 7pts
4th Brian Onofrichuk 6pts
5th John Starcevic 5pts
6th Shannon Rademaker 3pts
6th Everett Hoath 3pts
6th Trevor Porter 3pts
6th Todd Castonguay 3pts
6th Matt Stevens 3pts
11th Cam Murphy 2pts
12th Peter Jensen 1pt
12th Jesse Horompoly 1pt

And if you thought the point gap was all locked up for 1st place, next Pipeline 4x is DOUBLE POINTS NIGHT! Anyone who wins could easily take over the Number 1 spot in their class. For more vids check out Pipeline Bike Park’s Youtube site.

Special Thanks to Cindy Landers, Steve Baxter, Wayne Martin, and Chris Buckrell for making Pipeline’s Indoor #3 a success!

And remember: 100% of proceeds goes back to the park to help buy equipment, put on these events and give everyone a local place to ride. 100% Volunteer. 100% Awesome.

Next Race is just around the corner! Next Wednesday, Jan 30th. Registration cutoff is at 7:30pm, Gate drops at 8:10pm. See you there!!!

Please support our Awesome Sponsors!!

661 Protection
Kona Bikes
Experience Cycling
Fox Racing
Royal Racing
Sunline Components
Richmond Motorsports
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Escents Aromatherapy
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