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So I finished building my new hardtail and I finally dragged my post-holiday-season ass out to an indoor 4X event, my first of the 2008. To be honest, I was a bit nervous racing against the likes of Micayla Gatto, Rosemary Adams and the tenacious, Judy Garren. But, like every time I ride with the folks of Pipeline, the experience was full of ooey-gooey goodness and void of any pretentiousness. It’s all about having fun with the these guys.

There was yet another great turnout by the boys and an all-time-high attendance from the ladies with 7 women racing. Thanks to Pipeline Bike Park and Abbotsford BMX for organizing a great event. I encourage more women to come out and race: it’s cheap and it’s just good, clean, DRY fun!

So my racing experience went like this: The first moto proved I still had some bike juice in me when after cutting off my speedy competition on the first then second berm, I managed to bring in second place. Sadly my victory was short-lived as I got smoked in the following 3 motos. Watch out for Judy Garren ladies, she’s faster then she lets on. Conrats for taking the overall 4-spot Judy!

Micayla and Rosemary put on a great show during the Finals moto, with Rosemary givin’ her all to take the lead from her pal. Final results are below.

There’s no doubt I got my ass handed to me by some of the leading ladies of racing, but I had a helluva time and honestly, when else am I going to given the opportunity to race against our national champ?

My beautiful new bike and damn is she sexy! I call her …Ivana.

Here’s the race report from Pipeline:


Jan 30th 2008, The riders competing in the 07-08 Pipeline Indoor 4x Series made their mark in the books of grassroots racing by putting together some of the tightest, most thrilling racing of the series.

Absolutely EVERYONE participating in the series has progressed both in their riding ability and strength as a competitive racer. From watching Rosemary Adams jumping the second straight, to Darien Landers rocking the U15 class, to Todd Castonguay knowing that the race ain’t over till it’s over, to Jessica Weed realizing she can in fact contend with the Pro Women’s class, to Steve Edgar, at the prime age of 50, rocking it in the gate with guys half his age… and beating most of them! The increase in ability is so apparent, but still rivals the amount of fun everyone has at these grassroots events.

The only reported injuries were a few cases of ringing ears and red palms caused by the amount of loud cheering and excessive “high five-ing”.

Alright, on to the race report! In the U15 class, Darien Landers took 1st place with a vengeance, and a borrowed bike, in front of Kevin Weed, and Daryl Douglas. The boys took home a fist full of prizes from Fox Racing Inc!

The Pro Women’s class was yet another attendance record breaker. The duel between Rosemary Adams, and Micayla Gatto would have to deal with another rider in the form of newly upgraded 15yr old Jessica Weed. Jessica would eventually take 3rd behind a great win by Rosemary Adams just inches ahead of Gatto. The story of the night was another Pipeline local, Judy Garren, who made the main event, and was rewarded with huge applause by everyone in the stands and parking lot. Way to go Judy!!!

The Junior Mens class was larger than ever with Bothell Washington’s Damien Douglas locking up fifth place, while newcomers, Dylon Bibbins, and Ray Ray Faubert took 3rd and 4th respectively. This opened the doors on the ongoing battle between Points Leader, Dorey Martin, and Series #2 Wylie Easton.
Wylie’s riding has gotten faster and smoother, but Dorey Martin’s cool strength and agility was enough to take the win for the night. The Series isn’t even close to being over for these two. Watch for the fireworks to kick off again of Feb 13th for Pipeline’s Indoor #5.

The Open Mens class was yet again an endurance race as anyone making it to the Main/Consi rounds had to race 6 times! Not bad for a $12 dollar entry fee and the chance to win a Dudu 4x Frame from Kona! Jev Bjorsell’s consistency lead him into the 2nd place spot, but the confidence and pure power of 661’s Chris Buckrell would eventually put another win under his belt for the night. Bicycle Rocker, Brad McKay and high flyin Pipeline local, Ken Faubert, would take 3rd and 4th respectively.

The Pro Men’s class was a little light tonight with eight riders braving the weather to fight for the double points awarded at Pipeline’s #4. Every moto could easily have been the main event. Matt Stevens fought his way through the qualifiers to qualify 5th, just out of the main event. The fight didn’t stop into the Consi as Matt then had to contend with his own sponsored Kona rider, Todd Castonguay in a knuckle-biting horserace to the finish.
Castonguay’s finesse in 4th straight would eventually take the 5th spot for the night. Stevens would take 6th, followed by W1 Peter Jensen, and Cam Murphy.

The Pro Main consisted of four riders who had all tasted many 4x and BMX victories during their careers. Points Leader Nick Goertzen got a strong gate, but still had to contend with Tyler Gorz, Adam Muys, and Brian Onofrichuk knocking on his back door. All three riders knew what it would take to gain the lead, but just couldn’t catch Goertzen. Muys and Onofrichuk battled clean for the 3rd and 4th spots leaving Gorz to take 2nd for the night.

The Experience Cycling Pro Purse is now sitting at full at $455 bucks! And even though Goertzen has a firm lock on the 1st place spot, the purse will be paying to 5th place, so it’s really important for all of these riders to fight for as many points as they can get.


Here’s how it looked after the dust settled:

Pro Women
1st Rosemary Adams 12pts
2nd Micayla Gatto 8pts
3rd Jessica Weed 6pts
4th Judy Garren 4pts
5th Jerusha Miller 4pts
6th Jenn Carr 2pts
7th Ryan Petersen 2pts

1st Darien Landers 12 pts
2nd Kevin Weed 8 pts
3rd Daryl Douglas 6pts

Junior Men
1st Dorey Martin 12pts
2nd Wylie Easton 8pts
3rd Dylon Bibbins 6 pts
4th Ray Ray Faubert 4pts
5th Damien Douglas 4pts
6th Daryl Ostendorf 2pts
7th Nathan Kuyek 2pts
8th Cameron Miller 2pts
9th Mitchell Pennimpede 2pts
9th Tyler Jackson 2pts
11th Tanner Saliken 2pts

Open Men
1st Chris Buckrell 12pts
2nd Jev Bjorsell 8 pts
3rd Brad McKay 6pts
4th Ken Faubert 4pts
5th Blake Manning 4pts
6th Dave McNaught 2pts
7th Curtis Jensen 2pts
8th Steve Edgar 2pts
9th Joeseph Reeves 2pts
10th Martin Newman 2pts
11th Clayton Racicot 2pts
12th Craig Lam 2pts
13th Richard Jarman 2pts
14th James Healy 2pts
15th Eric Lalonde 2pts
16th Justin Schufelt 2pts
17th Mike August 2pts

Pro Men
1st Nick Goertzen 12pts
2nd Tyler Gorz 8pts
3rd Brian Onofrichuk 6pts
4th Adam Muys 4pts
5th Todd Castonguay 4pts
6th Matt Stevens 2pts
7th Peter Jensen 2pts
8th Cam Murphy 2pts

The Pipeline Points Chase after 4 Races:

Pro Women
1st Micayla Gatto 24pts
2nd Rosemary Adams 26pts
3rd Jessica Weed 11pts
4th Judy Garren 5pts
5th Jerusha Miller 4pts
5th Jenn Carr 4pts
7th Amber Zirnhelt 3pts
8th Ryan Petersen 2pts

1st Kevin Weed 15pts
1st Darien Landers 15pts
3rd Anthony Messere 6pts
3rd Daryl Douglas 6pts
5th Colby Baxter 5pts
6th Hunter Welykholowa 4pts
7th Alex Tougas 3pts
8th Samuel Kuyek 1pt
8th Austin O’D-T 1pt
8th Nathan O’D-T 1pt

Junior Men
1st Dorey Martin 25pts
2nd Wylie Easton 22tpts
3rd Daryl Ostendorf 11pts
4th Cameron Miller 9pts
5th Nathan Kuyek 8pts
6th Damien Douglas 6pts
6th Dylon Bibbins 6pts
8th Michael Rose 5pts
9th Tyler Jackson 4pts
9th Ray Ray Faubert 4pts
11th Brad Reiter 3pts
11th Tanner Saliken 3pts
13th Mitchell Pennimpede 2pts
14th Nick Hossmann 1pt

Open Men
1st Chris Buckrell 24pts
2nd Jev Bjorsell 16pts
3rd Curtis Jensen 13pts
4th Steve Edgar 9pts
5th Ken Faubert 8pts
5th Brad Mckay 8pts
5th Blake Manning 8pts
8th Mike August 7pts
9th Dave McNaught 5pts
9th Martin Newman 5pts
9th Richard Jarman 5pts
12th Steve Baxter 3pts
12th Jordan Masse 3pts
12th Bruce Thompson 3pts
12th Joseph Reeves 3pts
16th Derek Timmerman 2pts
16th Tim Gadd 2pts
16th Clayton Racicot 2pts
16th Craig Lam 2pts
16th James Healy 2pts
16th Eric Lalonde 2pts
16th Justin Schufelt 2pts
23rd David Ford 1pt
23rd Trevor Ostendorf 1pt
23rd Patrick Obenauer 1pt
23rd Tom Mackesy 1pt
23rd Adam Trotter 1pt
23rd Jim Korbelik 1pt
23rd Mitchell Elliott 1pt
23rd Jesse Roberts 1pt
23rd Chris Fletcher 1pt

Pro Men
1st Nick Goertzen 30pts
2nd Tyler Gorz 19pts
3rd Brian Onofrichuk 12pts
4th Adam “Bad News” Muys 9pts
5th Todd Castonguay 7pts
6th Matt Stevens 5pts
6th John Starcevic 5pts
8th Cam Murphy 4pts
9th Peter Jensen 3pt
9th Shannon Rademaker 3pts
9th Everett Hoath 3pts
9th Trevor Porter 3pts
13th Jesse Horompoly 1pt

Only 2 races remain in the series so watch for more fireworks, tight finishes, and awesome racing as Pipeline’s St Valentines Day Massacre takes place Feb 13th 2008 on a new track!

Just a quick note: If you have any footage of the races you’d like to donate (vids, pics) please email it to info@pipelinebikepark.com. For more vids check out Pipeline’s Youtube site.

Special Thanks to Cindy Landers, Rhonda Gorz, Trevor Ostendorf, Cam Miller, Steve Baxter, Gary Harder, Michelle Landers and Sheri Weed for making Pipeline’s Indoor #4 a success!

And remember: 100% of proceeds goes back to the park to help buy equipment, put on these events and give everyone a local place to ride. 100% Volunteer.
100% Awesome.

Next Race is just around the corner! Next Wednesday, Jan 30th. Registration cutoff is at 7:30pm, Gate drops at 8:10pm. See you there!!!

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