The looming rain couldn’t hold back these pump freaks.

June 4th – The all day rain resulted in a flood of emails to info@pipelinebikepark.com wondering if the rain was going to hold up the race. Did anyone NOT see what happened on St Paddy’s? We’ll race in the rain, snow, wind, hail, or sleet! Luckily though, the rain held off. Qualifying brought out some interesting strategies as experienced racers tried to place themselves while either holding back for mid pack qualifying or pinning to beat Gorz into the top spot.

Muys and Goertzen came close but couldn’t keep 6 time champ, Tyler Gorz, from breaking the 24 second mark with a two lap time of 23.86 seconds.

In the Open Class, Kevin Devisser took the top qualifier followed by Tim Gadd and Chelsea Trites.

The racing was fierce and fun as the crowd cheered on the riders who had something to prove against the riders who didn’t want to loose their bragging rights. Adam Muys sailed al the way to the main. But Nick Goertzen was knocked out in the last corner of his heat with Everett Hoath after a spectacular crash just short of the finish line. In the end, both brackets forced a tie breaker double main.

Adam Muys and Tyler Gorz renewed their rivalry as Tyler took the Pro Spot once again, and Tim Gadd sneaked across the line ahead of Kevin Devisser in the Open class. Chelsea Trites, on a borrowed bike, followed up with 4th spot in the open class, but as the top female rider, takes over the belt from absentee Amber Zirnhelt. You know Amber will be chomping to get her belt back. We’ll see you at the next pump race Aug 20th! Until then, there will be a ton of 4x racing at Pipeline. Check the schedule for details.


Pro Men:
1st Tyler Gorz (Retains Title)
2nd Adam Muys
3rd Everett Hoath
4th Nick Goertzen

1st Tim Gadd
2nd Kevin Devisser
3rd Blake Manning
4th Chelsea Trites (New Champ!)


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