RaceFace Product Press Release: Ring Bling

2011 Single ring

Product Hi-Lights
• Category leading weight, starting at just 29 grams for the 32T model
• Machined from 4mm thick plate for unparalleled stiffness
• Lighter and 20% stiffer than the e13 guide ring

Product Overview
Machined in our Vancouver, BC factory, our all-new Single Rings are the lightest DH-worthy chain rings on the market.

Performance 7075 alloy keeps them light enough for use on all-day single speed XC rides, and the I-beam construction means they’re strong and stiff enough to handle rough DH runs from Highland’s Threshold to Whistler’s Goats Gulley.

Our Single Rings are available in four anodized colours (red, gold, blue, and black) and feature reversible, mild/wild laser-etched graphics that will appeal to the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in all of us. With a wide range of sizes and a standard 4-104 bolt pattern, you’re sure to find something that suits your riding style.

Available now in shops worldwide

Check out the Single Ring line in Assorted Flavors


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