Recap of the Muddbunnies Trail Day by Darthyoga – photos by Tina

The trail just laid there. It was the middle of August and the dry days had taken its ability to keep itself together. Tires pulled the dirt from the rock and wore ruts into the woodwork.
Taking and inventory of itself, it saw who it really was. A tired old woman in a shabby dress, frayed, all her baubles missing rungs and threadbare. Each rider a messenger of the passing years. “You are getting old”, the hubs whispered. “You should do something with yourself”, tire treads hummed.
I just need a little rain, she rebuked but she knew she needed some love.

In the distance she heard laughter. As it came closer she heard the sound of nails sliding around the bottom of plastic buckets.
A loud ( really loud ) blonde laugh pierced the air and soon she was covered in Muddbunnies.
There, there the Muddbunnies said, we know how beautiful you are, all you need is a little rockwork and a few new rungs.
The Bunnies, laden with shovel, pickaxes, buckets and hammers festooned the trail, top to bottom.
The makeover had begun!

Actual photograph of a log tuck as performed by a group of experts.

It was decided early on that this make over would be done using only all natural, 100% local supplies. Muddbunnies trekked deep into the woods to gather the right ingredients, the freshest rocks and finest granite the area had to offer.

These perfect nuggets had to be transported with love, anything sub par was tossed to the wayside after Quality Control inspections.

It has been written in forest lore that there must be a human sacrifice to appease the gods. Actually it’s only because we needed some water and there wasn’t any around.

A committee was put together to decide who would be sacrificed. The Leader Bunnie automatically picked up on the bunnie that didn’t belong. The leader knew that they had been infiltrated by a spy and offered him up for the sacrifice. He seemed willing enough having spent this last few hours surrounded by women, working like men, smelling like women.

The group was happy with the choice and most of his body was laid to rest under some rockwork.

Think anyone will notice where we buried the body?

The rest of the body was brought to the bottom of the trail where the spy would BBQ’d and feed the group.

The Leader shows her fierceness and ability to control fire.

At the end of the day the trail was back to being a young perky version of herself , the Muddbunnies feasted on the spy and everyone walked away with a Muddbunnie decal.
Many paws make easy fun work of a makeover and the Bunnies do it with style!


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