RedBull, You’ve Done it Again!

On January 15, 2011, Red Bull introduced the world’s smallest velodrome to the UK fixed gear scene, presenting The Red Bull Mini Drome to York Hall in London’s East End.

In a UK first, Red Bull created the world’s smallest velodrome to challenge fixed gear riders from across the capital. Qualifying started at 3pm and opened to over 100 competitors in a single timed race. Riders were timed using the Velotrack Timing System. The 32 fastest riders who qualified across the 10 laps progressed through the competition to the finals, which was a single pursuit race format.

The Results:

Red Bull Mini Drome – results
1st) #51 Chris Akrigg
Total Time: 0:35.473
Fastest Lap: 0:03,232
Max. Speed: 22.51mph

2nd) #102 Christian Vollmer
Total Time: 0:40,200
Fastest Lap: 0:03,788
Max. Speed: 18.90mph

3rd) #31 Matthieu Trinquartt
Total Time: 0:43,010
Fastest Lap: 0:04,106
Max. Speed: 17.44mph

4th) #92. Ady Ridley
Total Time: 0:45,521
Fastest Lap: 0:04,345
Max. Speed: 16.47mph

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One thought on “RedBull, You’ve Done it Again!

  1. What a cool idea! Red Bull knows how to up the ante and find new ways to provide unique bike-related events. So hilarious watching the single pursuit and the guy laughing as he gets run over by his pursuer.

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