REMINDER: Muddbunnies Night with Kali Protectives!

The Muddbunnies & Kali Protectives are at it again to get you the goods for a great price! On Wednesday September 5, 2012 we are again hosting an evening with Kali Protectives for the Club members. Kali Protectives is offering the Muddbunnies a deal for a one time order of Kali products! Club members are getting Cost + 25% on the products.

Kali is taking their patented technologies into 2013 with some great new colors, and some amazing new additions to the line.

One of these additions include the Maraka XC Trail/Road helmet. A half lid with some of the biggest vents in the industry combining composite fusion plus into one of the lightest helmets out there. The Maraka is one of the best fitting helmets I have ever put on my head. Underneath the foam padding is a super soft energy absorbing foam that helps relieve any pressure points. Its the same foam seen here in some hockey helmets.

The Kali Chackra Plus retailing for $70, most riders think it’s priced at $90-$100. The Kali Amara is one of the only helmets that has a clip to mount all the popular cameras and lights. The mounts come with the helmet and clip on and off super easy. The Amara will be a great helmet for the fall as night riding season approaches.

The Avatar 2 alongside the Avatar are two of the safest MTB full face helmets you can put on your head. These helmets both use Kali’s Composite Fusion meaning the shell and foam are constructed as one. At 800 grams the Avatar 2 is one of the lightest as well. These helmets come with 2 visors……..just in-case:)

An array of helmets and armour will be available at the pub after the ride tonight so you can try them on and decide on sizing. We will also be taking orders at the pub. If you don’t place an order at the pub, please ensure to place your order by Friday September 14.

You’ll be able to pay with credit card (through paypal), email money transfer, cash, or cheque.

So come out to the Narrows pub on September 5 to check out the amazing Kali Protectives deals!

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