Revenge of the Ripper – Course Details Announced

Friday, June 8 (7pm): The Adidas Eyewear Chainless DH
A chainless time trial down the Richard Juryn Trail

-Registration begins at 4:30pm and ends at 6:45pm, at Inter River Park. Racers must make their way to the start by 7pm.
-There will be mechanics at the beginning and end of the course to help remove and re-install chains if needed. Racers MUST carry their chains down with them if they have them removed at the start (bags will be provided).
-Racers competing in all three events for the title of being the Lezyne Ripper King or Ripper Queen will have their bike descriptions recorded at this time.
-The course will start just below the Richard Juryn Trail lookout and end along the second section of fire road.

Saturday, June 9 (10am): The Specialized Euro Enduro
A new format to the Ripper, racers will be timed on three downhill descents of a classic Shore loop; but they need to get to the top on their own.

-Registration begins at 8am and ends at 9:45am, at Inter River Park. Racers will begin making their way to their respective starts at 10am.
-Riders will have 3 descents that they need to get to by their individually outlined times. The riders will only be timed for their descents. The ‘race’ is the combined time of the three descents that they ride during the day- lowest time wins. It is up to the racer to make it to their starts on time.

-Maps of the course and suggested transition stages will available at Registration.
-The course is as follows:
DH#1: Start at the top of Corkscrew -> Corkscrew -> Incline -> Powerlines -> Pingu ->Pangor ->Finish at the end of Pangor
DH#2: Start on Severed D at the intersection with C-buster -> Follow Severed to the new C-buster connector -> Finish C-buster, turn right onto Applicator -> Finish on Bridal Path
DH#3: Start at the Ridge Runner Plateau on Bottletop -> follow Bottletop to the end -> Finish at the end of Bottletop on Fisherman’s.

-Racers will be organized into THREE groups based on their categories. The three groups will make their way to the timed descents in a different order then each other. Example: Group One will be racing DH#3 while Group Two will be racing DH#2.

*** NEW*** Specialized Race within a Race:
Specialized is sponsoring a “timed climb” stage during the Euro Enduro. This will be an optional (but highly recommended) stage and will not affect your overall enduro time. The top male and female winners of this stage will receive a gear package from Specialized. The timed climb section will be the Bridle Path Climb from Fisherman’s to Hyannis, get your legs ready!

Sunday, June 10 (10am): The Trek Slash Super D
A classic to the Ripper with a very similar format from last year

-Registration 8am to 9:45am, at the Mushroom lot. Race starts at 10am.
-The race course is as follows: TNT -> Cabin Trail -> Dale’s -> Severed D -> Upper Sticks and Stones -> into the Blair Range for the finish.
-Awards and prizing to follow at Inter River Park.

Having the lowest cumulative time for every event of the Trilogy on the same bike will crown you the Lezyne Ripper King or Ripper Queen! To be eligible for the Ripper King/Ripper Queen, racers must complete all three events on the same bike with the same tires, wheels, and suspension.

This is an event for the whole family. The Bike Fest will be at Inter River Park, where there will be loads of activities, demos, food, and swag for kids of all ages.

The Revenge of the Ripper takes places this June 8, 9, and 10th and registration is open! Sign up for one, two, or all three events, bring your friends and family to have fun and enjoy the amazing place we all live. Look forward to seeing you there!

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