Riding the Swiss Alps – entry 1

Finally after what seems like so much planning, tomorrow, we head to the airport and fly to Europe to join up with Big Mountain Bike Adventures on their Cloudraker trip in Switzerland.


Originally Crystal and I had planned to go ride in the Alps on our own, so we sorted out our vacation dates, and only later decided to go on the Big Mountain tour.  The tour, however, starts before we arrive in Switzerland, so we’ll be joining them on Day 5.  I am not disappointed about this thought – the 4 days of riding we will be doing sound completely amazing, and once the tour is over, we plan on switching our All Mountain bikes for some DH bikes and riding the Verbier bike park.

As time went on, planning our trip, another friend of ours, Kim, decided our plans sounded like so much fun that she decided to join us on our adventure.  We have been getting so pumped up, watching amazing videos like this one:


This is another video that helped me decide “YES, i want to go on this trip!!”: Ride Guide: Cloudraker


So there you have it… i am about to go start packing my suitcase(s)….

I have made a comprehensive list of all the items I need to pack… let’s just hope I can make it all fit!
I am assuming I will get chances along the way to update this blog, but if not, i’ll post again when we are back!

So long for now North Shore!

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