Rockabilly 4X Racing: Girls 3rd Race Report

The brand new track helped 60 riders burn all the Christmas turkey out of their legs after a long winter break.

Jan 18th 2010 – Abbotsford BMX re-opened their doors after a 15 hour track build that introduced riders to a new flowy track filled with fun challenging jumps and a third straight decision-maker pro set that will test riders as the track hardens and riders speed up. The 2010-2011 Rockabilly Racing Series is brought to you by Kona Bikes, Chromag, Smart Water, Clayton Racicot Photography and

The doors opened at 4pm and riders got to it. By the time the rider meeting was called up, and motos were posted, riders in every class were dialing in the second straight and 3third straight rhythm section. No one had yet swung over to hit the new decision maker, but the night was young. Clayton Racicot was there to snap all the pics and they’re up posted on his GALLERY! If you’re looking for a professional photo from a lensman who knows riding, hit Clayton up here.

The Ladies were fresh off of their 4x Race Clinic and their laps showed. Jessica Weed went unchallenged in the Pro Women, While Paula Armstrong took the Open class ahead of Crystal Lambert and Beatrice Jakob. Only one point separates these three ladies on the leaderboard, and with three races to go, it’s anyone’s race series.

Here’s how it looked after the dust settled:

Open Women
1st Paula Armstrong 6 pts
2nd Crystal Lambert 4 pts
3rd Beatrice Jakob 3 pts
4th Kelly Jones 2 pts
5th Thea Reynolds 2 pts

Pro Women
1st Jessica Weed 6 pts

Rockabilly Racing’s 2010-2011 Indoor 4x Series Current Standings:

U13 Girls
1st Cleome Hope 6 pts

U15 Girls
1st Erin Kinnie 6 pts

Junior Women
1st Kelsey Begg 12 pts

Open Women
1st Paula Armstrong 12 pts
2nd Crystal Lambert 11 pts
2nd Beatrice Jakob 11 pts
4th Kelly Jones 4 pts
4th Amanda Girard 4 pts
6th Thea Reynolds 2 pts

Pro Women
1st Jess Weed 16 pts
2nd Micayla Gatto 10 pts

Next Race? Next Week!! See you Tuesday for #4 on the series!

Hey, Check out the guys that help this all come together!

Kona Bikes
Smart Water
Clayton Racicot Photography
Abbotsford BMX.

For the full race report click HERE

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