July 2007, Rocky Mountain Bicycles continues its support of the Trans Rockies Mountain Bike Race. Known as the “Toughest Race in N. America” this epic seven day stage race takes place on August 12-18.

The first annual Trans Rockies Challenge was held in August 2002, and it has continued annually since then. The events are testaments to incredible strength and determination, as riders face 7 days, 600 km, and 12,000 m of climbing.


Rocky Mountain Bicycles finds the proving ground for their cross-country, all-mountain platforms couldn’t be any better. Having won the last three editions Andreas Hestler raves about the Element platform as the ultimate marathon adventure design. The Element has won the 2007 ‘Bike of the Year’ from Mountain Biking Magazine with it’s new redesign this year.

Following Lesley Tomlinson and Karl Platt’s lead into the marathon adventure race category, Rocky Mountain Bicycles has established a pedigree of victories following the huge global growth of epic racing. Trans Rockies, Trans Alp, the Cape Epic and now the Trans Germany have all fallen under the wheels of Rocky Mountain Bicycles. From the legendary Element to the proven ETSX, these bikes have dominated this market for the last 5 years.


Thanks to the brainchild of Heinrich Albrecht and Chester Fabricius, founders of the Trans Rockies Challenge we all have the chance to participate in these amazing events. These two gentlemen have a long and legendary history in the mountain biking world, starting with their organization of the first mountain bike race in Europe in the 1980s. From there, both went on to organize World Cup events in Europe and in North America and now the evolution continues.

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