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The village of Port Alice and N.I.T.R.O. (North Island Trail Riders Organization) Present:

Rumblefest Mountain Bike Festival June 9th and 10th, 2007

Rumble Mountain Rage Cross-Country June 9, 2007 12:00pm Start.

This is the event that started it all. Back in 1994 it was an 80 km mountain bike race on surrounding logging roads. These days, racers want single track trails and Port Alice delivers. The incredibly fast and fun ‘Rager’s Rush’ trail is the reward for the grueling climb up the side of Rumble Mountain. On this 3.5 km course racers are either hammering uphill or blasting downhill, no flat sections here.

New in 2004 was the cross-country’s induction into the Island Cup Series, a race series that covers Vancouver Island from tip to tip. The growing ‘grass roots’ race series regularly brings out a mix of top caliber athletes, weekend warriors, and beginner riders. Organizers expect 2007 events to attract upwards of 100 racers per event. Racers compete for points at each event to determine ’Island Cup Champions’ in each class at the end of the series.

Rumblefest has something for everyone, mountain biker or not. Depending on course and weather conditions up to 28 km await the Expert category racers. Intermediate and Beginner racers get smaller doses of the same course. The race caters to all ages and is open to kids as young as 12. As well, more senior racers can enter the 45 years + category. The relatively short 3.5 km laps means great, non-stop action for spectators, volunteers and racers.

Unique to Rumblefest is the PARTY category, born out of the legendary Single-speed cross-country category. The P.A.R.T.Y. category welcomes those sick mountain bikers who race their single geared mountain bikes, but also welcomes the not-to-serious rider, on any type of bike. It allows riders to enjoy the incredible Rumblefest course at their own pace; maybe even have a break or two at the course side Legion. Its five full laps or bust for the P.A.R.T.Y. class.

Rumble Tumble Downhill Sunday June 10 2007, 10:00am Start:

Arguably the Island’s best downhill race, Sunday’s Rumble Tumble continues with its proven success formula. Give racers a ride to the top of the course and let gravity do the rest. The final stop on the Island Cup Downhill Series, and a double points race, it is always a real pleaser. Top times will be in the two and a half minute range as racers haul down the mountain at break-neck speed. Spectators bring your camera, the action is unbelievable! Racers bring you full face helmets, they are mandatory.

Like the cross-country the downhill features Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert Classes for both men and women. Beginner and intermediate racers follow the same downhill trail (Rager’s Rush) that Saturday’s cross-country races on. Experts are further challenged by a new piece added on to the top of Rager’s rush in 2006.

Après Race Activities :

The salmon BBQ with all the fixings always pleases and is a Rumblefest tradition. Local volunteers pull out all the stops to ensure racers and festival goers are full and happy, in fact anyone can feast for $7.00 a plate!

Once bellies are full the awards ceremony will commence. Port Alice is not only famous for its food, but its generous prize list is legendary. In addition to medals for top finishers all racers have an equal shot at loaded draw prize table.

Funky Bike Olympics:

The IOC hasn’t shut us down yet! Besides we have been doing this stuff for years, they can’t stop us! It all began with a ‘Bike Toss’ started as impromptu entertainment as racers impatiently awaited slow-to-come race results. Years later it has morphed into a real crowd pleaser with spectators and the kids going for the gold in events like bike limbo, 10 speed catwalk, ghost ride contest, the favorite: “Can You Ride This?!”, where the brave attempt to ride novelty bikes on our crazy obstacle course.

Kid’s Race:

Realizing that kids under 12 wanted in on the action, organizers added this event in 2003. In this race, everyone on is a winner and the focus is on having fun on the short, but challenging loop around the community centre. It is free for all, but participants must have a guardian’s permission and a helmet. The Kids race is held after the cross-country awards ceremony on Saturday. An additional course is set up for the really young riders, which is training wheel friendly.


The local campsite, Ozzie Land features camping with full hook ups, but if you’re just looking for a tent spot we have free camping at the downhill finish area. If you’re looking for a solid roof over your head, the Quatsino Chalet is a full service hotel. The Chalet is also home to the Sunday morning (8am-10am) breakfast buffet so you can fill your tank before a full day of downhill racing!

Village of Port Alice
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