Ryder’s and Muddbunnies 1st TAP Trail day

Words:  Dorothy Luebke
Pictures:  Jaclyn Delacroix,  Tina Yiu

Trail:  Team Pangor
My back aches, my pants are filthy and if anyone asks me to grab a bucket, it had better be full of Corona’s.  Trail days are hard work, love them or hate them, they are a requirement so that we can all have trails to enjoy, today and tomorrow.  For me trail days are a full emotional journey…
Knowing warm out of the oven cinnamon buns and coffee await all the brave soldiers that decide to come out to lend a hand.
After being briefed on safety issues and being given a work plan, we all pitch in, taking tools and supplies into the trail.  Oh boy, we’re going to get this ball rolling!
Good organization on the part of our trail leaders meant that we all had our tasks pre-assigned.  We get to the trail and immediately got to work.  Productive workers are happy workers.
A catered lunch which we each packed for ourselves meant we could stop for lunch when we were hungry.  No need to hike out and back for food.  Trail side packed lunches meant that for some, lunch only was a brief stop on the work and back at it.  Thanks Whole Foods – West Vancouver

Seeing so many friendly faces coming out to help with the trail work makes it seem like fun.  We had bunnies and their spouses, pets, friend for overseas and sponsors all in attendance.   This just makes the day so much more fun.  Giggles and laughter was ringing around us as we worked.
New to this year, when building under the TAP program, trails are official closed.  This meant no need to hop out of the way every 15 minutes to allow for riders to past through.  We were able to work uninterrupted by riders all day.  That is just sweet!

Realizing that our efforts helped make Pangor a better trail.  Before and after pictures show how much one day of work can alter and improve the trail.  Well done, everyone.
Surpassing the expectations of our trail lead builders, they had a plan, we finished it, and then did  a little bit  more.
After all the hard work is done and all the tools have been tucked away.  It was time to sit down, relax and enjoy the hospitality of Ryder’s Eyewear. A roof top patio with bbq at the ready to serve up  burgers, a cooler full of drinks, and some pretty goofy sunglasses.  This is why trail days rock.


Bunnies reviewing their pre-assigned tasks!





After: view 1

After: view 2

Hammer & dig!

Laying the Gold

More Gold!


Team Pangor Trail Day # 1 Crew

Thanks to NSMBA, Ryders, Whole Foods, Clif Bars & of course Muddbunnies

Post trail day BBQ & Beer @ Ryders HQ

Shamless plug for Ryders Eyewear!



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