Seattle Area Winter Riding Info

Ski season might be upon us, but at Evergreen they’re still thinking mountain biking. And thankfully, unless it’s a deluge, there’s almost always somewhere with good drainage that you can ride all winter.


A few wet weather favorites include Lake Sawyer and Henry’s Ridge near Black Diamond, Tapeworm early in a storm before the roots get slick – or a few hours after, and South Seatac for a quick, in-town ride on sandy trails. All of these have the bonus of plenty of tree cover to help protect you and the trails from the wet.


Of course, Evergreen is hosting plenty of trail work parties all winter long too. So if you don’t feel like riding in the rain go on out and help build and maintain trails for better riding next year.


Be sure to check the calendar regularly for the latest…

Trail info here.

See you out there!


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