Sex Sells Sports?

The Muddbunnies are not in support nor against any views portrayed in this article. We simply felt it was an interesting read and perspective on a story we ran last summer.

Read full article by Jenna Lyons here.

Elizabeth Hatch Sexy Cyclists 4

In light of the transpiring Tour de France, which is with no doubt one of the most inspiring and entertaining of races to watch, I found myself wondering, once again, why women’s road cycling continues to be less prominent and less applauded than men’s cycling. Millions of women enjoy road cycling, and many enjoy competing at a level that is aggressive, exciting, and fierce. I found this article from Outside Magazine.

Elizabeth Hatch Sexy Cyclists

Read carefully. This article outlines the reasons that we aren’t getting the attention and support that we need, want, and deserve.

Basically, the article says that the reason women’s cycling is less commercial and less supported than men’s cycling is because of sponsorship; readers are drawn to men’s cycling and all its bravado–and publications cater to that interest. Sadly, because of this, some female cyclists have turned to tactics such as posing in the buff to get endorsements (i.e. Liz Hatch): Elizabeth Hatch Sexy Cyclists 3

Is this the way we want to be portrayed as female athletes? I don’t think so. We shouldn’t have to do things like this in order to get attention or support from the cycling world.

The public wants to watch and read about athletic, sexy, strong women; unfortunately, cycling lacks some of the “sex appeal” that tennis, swimming, or gymnastics have. But I think this argument is weak; I think that a woman in lycra and a tight jersey is just as beautiful as a woman in a leotard or a tennis skirt. I think a woman who refuses to “take it off” for Maxim shows integrity and strength–transcendence of that which the media demands.

Stay strong. Keep working. Stay true to who you are. Don’t give in to pressure you don’t believe in; maintain the integrity that outlines your set of personal beliefs. Eventually the universe will align and we will get the support we deserve if we keep fighting for it.


Jenna P.

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