Shine SendHer PhotoArticle Challenge

By Shine Riders Co.

It has been deemed too early in the Womens Freeride Movement’s progression to hold a full blown big mountain event for the ladies this year. However, we do have riders traveling in from all over the planet, some bringing their own media crews! In an effort to encourage women to travel to Virgin and experience the terrain and an event the caliber of Rampage, SendHer has been changed to a PhotoArticle Challenge…

Users will submit a 10 photo, 1,000 page article on the website. PhotoArticles will be judged by my editor in chief Joh Rathbun and myself (for now). I have $100 up for grabs out of my pocket and hope to add prizes and judges to our panel.

Membership on the Shine website is totally free and is a great way to promote yourself, your cause, or another female athlete.

You may ride any legal trails or terrain in the Virgin area through the contest dates. Not quit looking to send it off a cliff? There are so many beautiful trails here for all abilities and we want to see them all!

Additionally, I am compiling a GoPro edit and would love to include any female rider willing to go shoot.

Hope to see you out here!

The original plan:

Shine presents the first women’s only big mountain freeride competition at the old Rampage venue in Virgin, Utah. Utilize existing lines or come early to find and build your own (B.Y.O.S. – bring your own shovel). This is a serious contest, for advanced riders only. All (boys and girls) are welcomed and encouraged to come hangout, camp, spectate and ride at their own risk. However, to compete you must qualify to reduce the risk of serious injuries. To nominate riders please email a video that extensively details skill level and stoke to participate in this event to

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