Known in my riding circles as having a bit of a patch it together kind of style I must admit this reputation does have some substance behind it. I do have some…okay, a lot of outdated pieces in my collection of swag. This is partly based on my dislike of malls and shopping. Having a beautiful Sombrio Girl jersey handed to me for review by Ryan and Michelle was a treat. For once I was a bit on the hip side.

The jersey is called Thirteen. I had on a size small.
It is a long sleeved style made of 100% Polyester.
Washing Instructions: Hand Wash or Delicate Cycle with Mild Soap. Hang Dry.

Colour and Style:
Well, I think we all know now that brown is the new black in the world of fashion. This jersey has a vibrant shade of brown that is not only attractive but practical as brown is the most common shade of filth that ends up splattered on my clothing. With the recent arrival of fall conditions it is only a matter of time before you are covered.
I also love green. The sleeves are lively with the pale mint green and and psychedelic white pattern; adding some fun to the brown basic layer. The layered look I like with the green sleeves as the accent to the v-neck brown base. The base provides the athletic and flattering fit with the colour and patten of the sleeves providing the fun; giving the jersey some added punch and vibrance. The colours are earthy and fun; making them stylish…. perfect combo.

Well, like most of you my first jerseys were large, really large; hand me downs from the brother in law. The colours were dull and lacking in shape, style and any feeling of femininity. I think riding with the guys you almost forgot that it was still possible to look like a girl. Perhaps this is why there were less female spottings on the trails…we just blended right in with the armour, full face and all.

This jersey was the first that I have put on and felt my curves were visible. However, more importantly how it shaped my body leaves you with no concern of baggy sleeves and excess material catching on the bike, (yes, this can happen). The brown v-neck base layer provides great support for the chest area and in a flattering manner. I also like the fact that it has a good amount of length to it as well as riding shorts are often cut low. You don’t want your jersey riding up from your waist so I was pleased with the athletic function and form fitting shape. Win-Win!

Arm Armour fits nicely over this jersey however chest armour underneath would be a challenge.
I do not know for a fact as I did not try chest armour on with it but based on the fit you would have to go up a size presumably to make it work. In my opinion this isn’t the jersey for that. It has too many other fabulous attributes to get stretched out and mishaped.


I wore this jersey in several different conditions all in a matter of a week. That is the beauty of where we live, sun, cool air, rain…in 24 hours!

On a cold and rainy day I wore it with a rain jacket on top and a thin base layer to add some warmth. I like the fact that it is somewhat stretchy so it would shape to a thin base layer or additional layers can be added on top. The layers worked well together, however on a hard ride the jersey and a rain shell would have been sufficient.

On a milder, but still rainy day we all come to expect at this time of year I wore it alone and found it surprisingly warm. My body temperature was comfortable with the lack of moisture on my skin. It does a great job of wicking away the sweat and keeping your skin dry and comfortable. Also when wet the jersey does not get heavy and sloppy maintaining it shape and keeping you comfortable.

I also wore the jersey on a sunny but crisp cool day (especially at the higher elevations). I added an extra layer to ensure I would be warm and the combo worked well. I usually heat up after I start riding but I didn’t overheat and didn’t really notice any discomfort in my temperature.


Layering your clothing is crucial in our conditions. The weather patterns change sometimes on a moments notice so having pieces in your collection like this jersey that you can work with is worth its weight in gold.

Note:I also experienced a bit of a nasty wipeout in this jersey on rocky rough landing. The jersey came out of it unscathed….unlike me!

I could wear and did wear this jersey hiking and cross country riding and know it would be great as a stylish sport piece for post activity apres. I like this aspect. Having to buy different pieces of clothing for each activity is not only expensive but also a bit much to manage…especially for simpletons in fashion like me.

-Stylish look
-Flattering fit
-Easy to wash
-Multi functional
-Good Layering piece

-Not a jersey for wearing body armour underneath
-May clash with all of your black riding clothes

Overall I really loved this jersey and know that it would be a piece in my athletic wardrobe that would serve many purposes. I think now I need to update the rest of my collection ignorance has been bliss…. now I know what I have been missing!

Thank you Ryan and Michelle and the Sombrio team for allowing me the pleasure of testing one of your products!!

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