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The CBC Special… “The arrival of the Reaper”

What you gonna do when the CBC Ripper Reaper comes for you?
I got a phone call at about 7:15 am suggesting the coffee was behind schedule for a certain Mr Potato Head. But once the caffeinated goodness from Bean Around the World was flowing all concerned parties seemed happy, and Mr. Potato Head’s anger was mashed! The sun was shining and the day was shaping up to be a hot one. Susan, Veronica and Andrew in registration were clicking away, making sure that all riders were ready to go, and all last minute questions were answered.

Sharon, Aimee and the good folks at Endless Biking were directing the volunteers so they knew where they were going and what they were supposed to do. With the Toyotas all lined up, the tasty morsels from the Specialized Bikes line up glistening in the sunlight, and the riders milling around, the Ripper had begun.

This Ripper, while true to the Ripper Spirit in nature, is a Timed Event. You can get time bonuses for doing pre-determined stunts along the course to better your final standing. This course took the riders down CBC, along the chunder fest of “Pinch Flat Alley,” which from personal experience on the last Ripper is aptly named, out to the road and into Corkscrew to finish at Incline. For the fast folks, this was a quick one. For the “not as fast as the fast folks” it was a very nice early morning ride down two of the most popular trails on the North Shore. And for those riding 20” wheeled bikes… well, it takes a certain person to do that, so we’ll just leave that one alone.

Photo ~ Dan Barham

Okay honestly who invited the Ripper Reaper? I mean it was all fun and games when Mr. Potato Head and his Mc Sponsor showed up. Odd when you think that for all Mr Potato Head knew, it could have been Mrs. Potato Head filling the boxes on his bike. To roll into the parking lot late, stroll up to the crowd, you could see the fear in the riders eyes as they parted to let the Ripper Reaper pass. Nobody knew whose body was possessed by the Reaper until the after party when Martin Newman was exorcised with beer.

Photo ~ Dan Barham

Too bad that Marg Princess Warrior couldn’t do anything, although she had her sword full with slaying CBC. And we all know how big a task that would be. Come to think of it though, for some reason I thought it was dead already. At race time Dorothy Luebke couldn’t be found. CBC, hearing of the predicament, had Marg Warrior Princess flown in to do battle at the last moment.

Photo ~ Cam McRae

Mr Potatohead. Sponsored by McDonald’s Fries. Who knew he was coming? Is he related to Grimace or those little fry Gobblins? Could he be their lovechild? Connor Gillan proves he’s one nosy Potato..

Costumes were the way to go at this event, as it is with all the Rippers. Sporting a costume got you into the running for some pretty neat swag, even if your speed was less than fast. But it appears that maybe, just maybe the Karma gods like costumes – that these costumes might make you faster, or impervious to mechanicals. I mean Ryan Newman (wearing jeans) and Adam Trotter (wearing Cove Team Clothing) suffered “Technical Issues”, as they both flatted. Perhaps if they to were sporting a fetching ensemble, they may have faired better. Way to go for both of you for continuing on and completing the event. I do think that we freaked Ryan out after we took off to bring him his bike – after he left it with us so he could hitch a lift to the top.

Photo ~ Dan Barham

Hot off the press was the news that the female rider ship was up 500%. Holy Moly… I mean I am thinking that the number of females went from 2 to 10. But who cares! 8 more women on the trail is still 8 MORE WOMEN ON THE TRAIL! Spotted at the CBC Ripper: Live Women! Perhaps the sausage fest is over. Sure, one of them was a boozin’ preggo broad from the Whalley Trailer Park, and one was carrying a sword and wearing the wrong kind of armour – but it’s a start.

And for the rest of the riders that continue to come out to these hair-brained events, you folks rock. Getting to see smiles on all you people’s faces as you came down the course was really cool. You folks place your misguided trust in James, Cam and Sharon, and continually they trump themselves with new and interesting ways to attempt “breaking” you. I didn’t get to see the end of the course but there were a few grumblings about the climb at the end up Incline. I can’t imagine going up that… I won’t even go down it! It is you folks that make the Ripper Series what it is.

I would like to thank all the people that came out, riders, and spectators, even the people that happened to drive up Mt. Seymour Parkway thinking Hallowe’en had come early. See you at the Triple Crown on July 7th, 2007 when the gloves come off and Poker is the name of the game.

For results head to northshoreripper.com

Have you ripped in the past? Would you like to? Will you rip again this year and ride the best Ripper event of all – The Illustrious Triple Crown? Have you, would you, will you?

The 2007 ‘Specialized North Shore Rippers are powered by Jim Pattison North Shore Toyota Trucks and feature support from; Cycles Lambert;( Michelin, Time and Cateye ), Okanagan Spring Brewery, Outdoor Gear Canada , Cowboy Coffee. Emdoubleyu Design, Silver Star Resort, Ryder’s Eyewear, Adidas, Endless Biking, Bella Candela and Dakine. The events are run by the NSMBA, NSMB.com and Obsession: Bikes. This support goes back to the trails through the NSMBA.



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