So while our Muddbunnies Women’s Weekend in Whistler was in full-force, the rest of the community was dressing up in drag for the Vegas-themed Triple Crown. Though on Sunday, (the day after the Ripper) we did happen to spot Elvis, (incognito) and Andrew Summers, (sportin’ a sexy Muddbunnies tshirt) as well as a whole gaggle, flock, etc of Muddbunnies up on the trails at Whistler. Here’s the Ripper article from one of the sexiest Elvis impersonators around. For the whole article click here: NSMB – Ryan Petersen

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A fundraiser for John Ramsden

The last Ripper has rolled through, the curtains have closed, and the card dealers have left Bella Candela. The final jewel in the “Crown” of the Ripper series has come to a close.

The Triple Crown was the final event in the “Four Ring Circus” that we here call the Ripper Series. Why the Triple Crown? Well it includes jaunts up and then down all three of the local mountains. Weather it be ride up or shuttle… there were 7 check points that the Teams had to reach at the top, bottom, and in between on each mountain to get their cards to acquire the best possible hand.

In this photo: James and Aimee – Despite the fact that James fixed everyone’s bike with his bare hands all week at the Seven BC Bike Race, with no sleep and no food and no tools… (He told me all of this so it must be true), he was there to give the Rippers a brief outline of what they were going to do to themselves.

As I sat there on the patio Saturday night, sun burnt and tired from racing around getting stories and generally spreading the “Cheer”… I took a moment of pause, some time to reflect on who exactly is a “Ripper”, and what makes them tick?

A Ripper is a person that supports the local community. These events were created to give the NSMBA much needed funding to maintain the very trails that these events take place on. This year brought on a new challenge when a local rider was injured. The direction of the event changed from supporting the NSMBA to helping John get his wheels back.

Streamers-Check, Baskets-Check, okay who brought the wobbly pop? Must be the Shuttlewhores.

John Ramsden represents what a true Ripper is in every sense of the word. Despite what has occurred in the past months, his attitude hasn’t altered, from the work that he has done on his trail, to the attitude and passion for the sport of mountain biking after his accident that speaks far beyond his age of 15. You sir, are a True Ripper!

Right down to the socks, the Rippers were representing Vegas at every opportunity.

A Ripper is anyone that likes riding, whether it be fast and determined or just out to have a good rip. It is an individual that likes getting out and meeting new people, rekindling the relations of past and supporting the local mountain biking community. They come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and well – every facet of crazy. It ranged from Team Hammer Leo who beat us to the check point at Cleveland Park – man those kids were fast – to the Shuttle Whores who adopted Kenny So after the ride up Seymour got the best of him. Besides getting really drunk Kenny and Isaac did a tandem Hula hoop presentation. They performed shirtless – wearing feathers boas on their heads. From Matt Juhasz and Brian Earle who rode the Sea to Ski, and to those that… Gasp, shuttled at every opportunity they could. Fromme was the monkey wrench in that one – unless you are “royalty” or a member of Van Tan – it’s human power only.

Team Endless Biking, Darren and Kelli threw some of the best Can-Cans, complete with Darren sporting, not one, but two feathery Head Dresses, you guys had the most on time, well placed kicks! Great to see some local talent out there supporting the event! Also to participate in this event and on how many bikes?!

Darren Butler and Kelli Sherbinen looking resplendent in sprayed on spandex… who knew they were trying out for the Tour?

These guys made their own T-Shirts. Too bad one didn’t get the memo about using permanent marker as his logo bleed a little down the front. Left to right: Eron Calderbank, Geoff Boeda and Steve Fraser. AKA The Cowboys of Coffee.

Also appearing at the Cleveland Park were Siegfried and Roy and their tiger. Apparently while no one was maimed in the process, the Tiger had a hard time getting through the hoop.

To the fine ladies of Team Rack Attack! Arriving with huge smiles and probably the best looking Can-Can group we had going all day. It seemed that execution faltered a bit, as not spilling their beverages seemed paramount. I am sure that you gave Emi a huge thanks for being the “support” leader/driver/server.
Cheers! These ladies started off the day with a fine glass of “orange juice.”

The costumes weren’t only for the riding. The après brought out quick a few unusual characters, with Elvis showing up. No one wants to know what Dieter was wearing and for the children’s sake, lets hope we never see it again.? Photo ~ Veronica Kacinik

There were two guys in PFDs – now I know that my geography may be a little shady, but last I checked Vegas was in the desert no? I hope that bug/insect/lizard didn’t affect your ride too much!

Outside of the Silent Auction at Bella Candela, which thanks to Robin and James wasn’t very silent, the announcement that most were waiting for was the crowing of the Ripper Queen and Ripper King. Cue the sentimental music!

Andrew Summers proved that he can more than just sell bikes. Photo ~ Veronica Kacinik

The Queen and King are two individuals who exemplify what it is to be a Ripper. They get out there and show all Rippers just what can be accomplished with a weird mix of drive, determination, fun, strength and well plain crazy. When the question came up just who these two would be, well it was quite easy. There were a few in there but two names kept on coming up.

I have the honour of knowing them both personally, and no, I didn’t have any say in the vote… so let all “nay sayers” be put to rest.

The entire crew prior to the 3 mountain tour that saw their participatory numbers drop but with the addition of Kenny after the Seymour climb near killed him. Rumour has it that Kenny and Isaac make a mean Hula Hoop double!

Dorothy Luebke as Queen, for her eternal smile, drive to get others involved, and her costumes. I liked the Bavarian Beer Girl one the best! From humble rider, Dorothy from Kansas, to Marg the Warrior Princess and one facet of the well illustrated Team Rack Attack, Dorothy was the best looking Ripper out there.

I rode up and down all three mountains, touching water between to be King, and all you had to do was put on that dress? Photo ~ Veronica Kacinik

Brian Earle as King for his ability to complete each event with a style that one no can even come close to touching. Riding the Shore on a 20” Specialized and completing while remaining standing long enough after to have a few beers at Bella, the coveted Sea to Ski route (Brian and Matt did their best to summit each mountain, touch water in between and then pedal all the way back from Horseshoe Bay). Oh and the Smithsonian just called and they want their Norco hard tail back.

There was plenty of Muddbunnies representation at this event. Like this somebunny named Huntley.

Muddbunnies Shania Twain and Veronica CottonTail

Bunnies Veronica CottonTail and Miss January

As was mentioned The Triple Crown was the final event in the series this year. While a sad time for those of us that worked on it, we are all super happy with the support that each one of you Rippers put forward. From those that participated in the events to those that volunteered, you are what make these events what they are, and gave us the joy in organizing them for you.

What will next year bring, one can only wonder and wait! Rest assured that there will be more mystery, drama and intrigue… but until then, Elvis has left the building!

Dorothy and Elvis


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