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Introducing First-Ever d3oâ„¢Body Armor Technology in Downhill Mountain Biking

Spyder brings on a new mountain-based collection for Spring ’08: Freeryde. Charging into the future of protective apparel for the adrenaline-seeking set, Spyder’s innovative concept products and hyper-constructed styles will serve to revolutionize the sport with an intensity of purpose that only Spyder’s imagination can produce. Freeryde’s technical fabrication spills over into style, utility flows into design, and advanced engineering becomes sexy. The result? A line that earns technical cred out the gate, and extra points for innovative mountain style. With roots firmly planted in adrenaline sports from downhill mountain biking to slopestyle, we are the technical and lifestyle brand for those who Freeryde.


d3oâ„¢ Armored Top
Watch out kids, it’s the wunderkind of body armor and an industry first in downhill mountain biking protective apparel. Spyder collaborated with revolutionary fabric technology labs d3o™ and SuperFabric® to create the ultimate in body armor – a compression top that protects with reactive material d3o containing “Intelligent Molecules” and fabric that resists punctures and rips so prevalent in impact-prone sports.

d3o™ (dee-three-oh) Intelligent Shock Absorption pads are anatomically molded to cover the shoulder, tricep, elbow and forearm like a protective soft exoskeleton. d3o™ has molecules that flow when you move but reactively lock together on impact to absorb the shock energy. The intelligent molecules in d3o™ dynamically respond to varying levels of pressure. At low levels, d3o™ provides maximum comfort, and at high levels, maximum shock absorption. This means you can forget about your protection, and concentrate on your performance. Once pressure is lifted, d3o™ is soft and flexible, giving you complete freedom of movement. The reaction is instant and repeatable. The material’s expandable molded shape is configured to promote air passage for improved breathability.

Covering the d3o™ pads is SuperFabric® brand technology, an advanced, multi-step engineered process that takes ordinary fabrics and transforms them into a variety of unique, protective solutions. These new fabrics can be engineered for optimum resistance to cuts, punctures, and abrasions while remaining highly flexible, lightweight, and breathable. SuperFabric® brand materials are ideal for high speed impact sports, as they serve as armor to protect your body and apparel against branches, rocks, wipeouts, collisions, and other physical conflicts that cause wear and tear.

To prevent uncomfortable zipper stacking, Spyder placed an asymmetrical zipper from clavicle to rib cage. Further comfort consideration comes in the form of mesh panels located at body hotspots and inner fold areas, such as the elbow.

The Armored Top’s super-stretch fabric is so accommodating that we made it gender-neutral. It’s available in XS – LG. Two colorway choices include Fog (light gray) and Gargoyle (deep gray). MSRP: $350


d3oâ„¢ Ultimate Chamois Short
Spyder carries on the d3o™ technology story in the Ultimate Chamois bike short. Designed as base layer protection for wear under loose shorts, this compression piece has intelligent-molecule d3o™ padding (see d3o™ Armored Top) across the hips, thighs and tailbone to shield against impact. The Italian chamois pad is designed to protect and support, providing a central channel in the perineal area to support the male anatomy, plus multi-thickness padding for greater “sit-bone” cushioning. Extremely soft side wings and an ergonomic fit allows for comfort without the bulk of a standard cross-country chamois. Spyder focused on motion-considered utility, bringing in a breathable, wicking, anatomically accommodating stretch fabric and a comfortable lower back mesh panel.

The d3o™ Ultimate Chamois is available in a men’s and women’s version, both in black. Men’s sizing: S – XXL. Women’s Sizing: XS – XL. Men’s MSRP: $270, Women’s MSRP: $220


Next, with a nod to our design inspiration, we’ve rolled out a full line of men’s and women’s product. Each style speaks mountain culture and street fashion – a language that Spyder mastered over three decades of living in Mountain Time Zone. The collection translates from sport-specific design to a lifestyle aesthetic; no matter where you wear it, it fits right in. From canvas jackets worn over cotton T-shirts to denim weave shorts, Freeryde is the long-awaited Spring line from Spyder.

Women’s Four Star Tank:


Summer in the mountains undoubtedly calls for women to liberate their bodies in tank tops. Spyder seized the opportunity to offer a unique twist on so simple a pleasure; the Four Star Tank is a reversible women’s top with the illusion of wearing one distinct tank over another. To create the effect, there are two different styles of tanks – scoop-neck and racer-back – a mix of 2 fabrics, and distinctly separate hues. Reverse the tank to its coordinating colorway, and you completely switch up the appearance. The tank gods will smile on this development. The Four Star comes in two reversible colorways: white/Neon Floyd (pink), and Bug (olive)/Mermaid (turquoise)/Neon Green in sizes XS – XL. MSRP: $55

Mistress Jacket:


When the weather’s a bitch, show who’s in charge by whipping out the Mistress Jacket. This zip-front hoody has 10,000mm waterproof, breathable fabric that’ll keep you dry until you hit the end of your journey. The Mistress also guards against wind, making it the perfect adventure partner. Available in XS – XL, in Metal (gray)/Neon Floyd (pink) or Aubergine (plum)/Lemon. MSRP: $175.


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