A little summary of what has been going on at KBC so far this year. The demand for riding at KBC became so great that we hired a cat over the Easter long weekend to clear the road to get to the top!!! That’s what we call listening to the customer… KBC style. Over the winter lots of sleds and quads were nice enough to pack down the road so the snow had to go. The trails are in great shape and it was so nice to get the season started. This is the earliest we have ever started and we are already well on our way to shattering last year’s record rider numbers. We have groups just about every weekend since the beginning of April.


We’ve added some new accommodations to the list this year. The Plaza in downtown Kamloops is going to be a hotel for groups that want to be based in Kamloops. It’s great to be able to enjoy all the extras that come with staying in the ‘Loops’.

It’s great to have Sombrio gear right from the start this year, it has made the riding even better. No more t-shirts and cut off jeans!!!


Brodie has put us on some great bikes this year. Damiens to be more precise. I’ve had a chance to be riding them for about two months now and Brodie nailed it with this bike. It’s a perfect fit for the trails at KBC and around Kamloops. Super responsive, almost effortless. Sometimes it’s just a little too easy. I’m nervous about getting on another bike now.


We’ll keep you up to date on progress for this summer and all the extracurricular activities that we’re doing. We’ve been throwing live concerts at this recording studio in Kamloops. It’s been a blast!!! A little hard to hit the trails first thing the next morning but…

We want to thank all the riders who have come out this year and look forward to seeing all the crews that are booked for this season coming up. Check out our schedule and you will notice that we are starting and finishing some dates in Calgary to make it easier to get here!

Thanks again to our sponsors and we’ll see you this summer!!!


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