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This race is always a good one to start the season. Back in 2007 it was the first race that I had ever done. The last time I raced it was on my hardtail, but I have since upgraded, finally, to a full squisher. I miss my hardtail though. We moved here with all we could fit in our 1980 Vanagon, so we only had space for 2 bikes on the rack. I chose to bring my Rocky Mountain Slayer, and it is now my all-around bike. I have only one, so it will be seen at every race no matter the terrain. No hardtail, no trials bike, no cruiser, no lowrider. It’s kind of nice to narrow down the bikes…you should try it! I wonder how long it will last!?

My biggest challenge this season will be committing to stunts I would normally ride around. The step down on the course where you must overtake a log has always been a mental struggle for me. Something was always holding me back.

On Saturday Cru and I went to the Sunshine Coast to be a part of the festivities. I knew I wouldn’t be able to ride, but I took the opportunity to walk up to the log drop and take a gander. While I was there a fellow rider came down, Paula, and she had yet to do it too. She took a couple of runs at it and then finally committed. It was very inspiring. That night we camped at the bottom of the course and in the morning at 6:30am, while my husband and babe were still asleep, I pushed my bike up the log drop. I was there for 1.5 hours riding up to it and still not doing it. So frustrating. I have yet to figure out how to just shut my brain off. I knew I could do it. I decided to get away from it for a while. I took the shuttle up with fellow Muddbunnies, told Jaclyn I would like to follow her off of it, and…I did it! That’s all it took. So easy, so easy. I did it one other time, and then my race run came and I did it just fine. Thanks, Jaclyn! Sometimes all it takes is a little hand-holding!

Here is a picture of me racing then, on my hardtail (Santa Cruz Chameleon). Placed 4th out of 16 ladies.

Hartail Pride! The Rat Race 2007

And me now! I look just as fast as before, but I AM faster!

Sunshine Coaster log drop – 2011 (Photo by Dan Webster)

Here are some other fun photos from the weekend!

We came off the ferry and there it was – a wolf taking a dump on the highway! Just after Gee saw a pod of dolphins.

Jaclyn and Diana enjoying a Red Racer Beer


My family – Gee, Cru and the Vanagon. I never leave home without them.

The results for Masters 30 + Women

1. – Westmoreland, Karaleen 187 Port Moody BC 00:03:41.07
2. – Howey-Louter, Lisa 183 North Vancouver BC Muddbunnies 00:03:47.99
3. – Deguise, Isabelle 181 Coquitlam BC Muddbunnies Riding Inc. 00:03:48.33
4. – Illingworth, Meghan 467 Squamish BC 00:03:49.60
5. – Moore, Cheryl 185 Coquitlam BC Trident/Banshee Racing 00:03:50.25
6. – Delacroix, Jaclyn 182 North Vancouver BC Muddbunnies Riding Inc 00:03:56.09
7. – Janzen, Edith 184 Abbotsford BC Muddbunnies 00:04:17.64


9 thoughts on “Lisa’s blog – Sunshine Coaster Fun!

  1. I loved it when you had Cru on the podium and the announcer said “yeah, mums that ride!” lol!!! Not only are you a fantastic rider, you are consistent and that what makes a good racer! Good luck in the next race and love reading all about it!

  2. Great post Lisa. I love that you went to look at the drop at 6:30am on a Sunday – that clearly shows how passionate and dedicated you are about riding. Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks, Ladies! Yes, you’re right…it was probably a Coyote. I don’t get to see either in the wild very often!

  4. It’s great to hear all about the racing experience from all you lovely ladies. It seems that racing really intensifies the riding experience and it’s really nice to hear all about your highs and lows and how you overcome certain obstacles. Very inspirational and filled with useful tips we can apply to our own experiences off the race circuit!! Best of luck to you Lisa!!

  5. Thank you for your time and efforts to have decided to put these things together on this website. John and I very much loved your suggestions through the articles in certain things. I recognize that you have several demands on schedule so the fact that you actually took as much time like you did to help people really like us by way of this article is even highly prized.

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